Friday, April 28, 2017

Olive June at 21 Months

Olive is 21 months now, and I feel like all the sudden she is so old and grown up! She is just a little girl now and is so smart. She can recognize and say all of the letters, can count to 10, and knows all of the colors and most shapes.

She recognizes most animals in a book including bear, dog, sheep, monkey, mouse, bee, spider, bird, chicken, horse, cow, elephant, snake, zebra, cat, dog, fish, ladybug. And lots more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

She sleeps with her dog and elephant that she calls 'One', has added in her fox that was supposed to be baby brother's, and now has added in a bunny. She asks for all four every night. And when I say 'Let's get a baba and go ninight with your dogdoo.' And she goes 'and amials.' She just calls them all her 'animals'. : )

She loves Zootopia. And will frequently ask for the 'bu bu bunny'. She likes Moana and will ask for it too. She likes Trolls except for the part with the spiders, but she doesn't ask for that one. She just started asking for the 'dog dog' which is Secret Life of Pets. When the dogs go away she asks 'where go?' and when she can't see the dog she goes 'Max?'. She will really watch most movies but those four are her favorites. She also likes to watch preschool prep which is how she's learned her letters and colors.

She is scared of bugs and trucks. She will put her hands on her head and look at me and say
"I skared!?" in a high voice almost like a question. I don't know where she learned it but it's pretty cute and I'm trying to teach her she doesn't need to be scared of those things. So I will say they are nice. And she goes "and cute and funny." So bugs and trucks are nice, cute, and funny.

She sings songs with me, finishing the last word of the phrases in You Are My Sunshine, Rain Rain Go Away, I Am A Child of God, and How Far I'll Go from Moana.

When I'm putting her down now if we haven't said prayers before I'm giving her a bottle she will stop drinking and say 'a paier?' And I'll ask if she wants to say a prayer. And she'll go "Yeah."

Each night when I'm putting her to bed I make her repeat 'I am kind. I am brave. I am smart. I am special. I am talented. I can do hard things. I am a child of God.' She is starting to remember it and after I tell her to repeat I am kind she wlll go 'I bave'. And she knows just when to say 'God'.

She likes to color but she LOVES stickers. I figured that out and it occupies her for a little bit at church.

She loved dying Easter eggs. She sat there dipping them from color to color for a half hour and hardly gave Taylor and I a glance. I need to have her do it again she was so still and quiet!

Taylor taught her the line from the predator where he goes 'Olive, get to the' and she goes 'Chopper!' But it sounds more like 'a choppa!'

When you say Olive, guess what? She will say 'I wuh you!' (I love you). And you ask how much? And she'll go 'A much.' with her arms stretched out.

Taylor commented that he loves taking her to the grocery store. I wanted to do a giant eye roll because although she is good, its not super fun for me. But then he said it's because she smiles and says 'HI' to everyone she sees and everyone comments on how cute she is. And he is right. I need to be better about enjoying each moment with her and seeing things for how cool they really are, and not get so wrapped up in getting the job done. (Also whenever we go to smiths she immediately says 'nana!' because they have free fruit for kids there and she always chooses a banana. And she likes to ride in the cars)

She has started wanting to walk places when we go to the stores. And I have been letting her because she is really quite good when I let her. She doesn't run away, and stays around me or comes back when I ask her to. She's just such a good girl.

She still sleeps 12+ hours at night. Her naps are a little more hit and miss... Most days she goes down but she is resisting a little more and it takes me longer to get her down.

She loves to give baby brother cuddles and kisses, but has to be on my bare belly. She will sit and pat him and lay her head on my belly going 'ooh brudder'. When I ask where baby brother is she usually pats her own belly. She loves babies so I hope it'll be a good transition when brother gets here.

She is such a sweet little girl. When she sees something she thinks is cute, like the mickey on her diapers, she will go 'a cuddle?' and bring it over to me and climb onto my shoulder so we can cuddle whatever she has together. It is one of my most favorite things that I hope she never stops doing.

She loves chapstick. She will find it and go 'dips?' and usually I pretend it's broken and I can't open it, but when I let her she puts it on over and over again. She likes putting on pink lips and calls herself a princess.

She found a binkie a few weeks ago and is obsessed with it. She knows it's called a binkie and whenever she has it in her mouth she goes 'Toot toot!' from Zootopia. Pretty clever but I also have to hid the binkies now because she will just keep it in her mouth.

She loves baby dolls and pushing them in her stroller. She will also hold them and pat their back and whisper 'shhhh'. So sweet.

She loves to help me while I'm cooking. It's honestly harder having her on the counter but I want her to be involved and watch what's going on. Plus whenever I'm cutting veggies she will just grab them and eat them. Especially tomatoes. She loves gobbling up the tomatoes.

She likes playing with her kitchen downstairs and has gotten good at pretending to to eat the food. She will really play anything, but likes when someone is over, even if she's not playing completely with them, she's more entertained. I hope she and her brother will be able to play together soon.

She is seriously such a joy. The week after Easter was a little rough where she was a little more whiney and threw more fits. I was worried she was entering terrible twos and was thinking if that was what it was going to be like I was going to struggle. But she has snapped out of it and is back to her happy, easy going self. I love her so much. She is just my best little buddy. I'm excited to have another baby, but I'd be lying if I wasn't stressed at how it is going to affect Olive. I hope she always knows how much I love her and am so grateful for her.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Olive June at 18 Months

Somewhere between 12 and 18 months Olive has completely transitioned into a talkative, social, crazy toddler. She talks alllll day long. She seriously repeats anything I say, and can actually say most words, she just can't say her l's.

mama, dadoo, baby, car, bus, wawa, water, glasses, apple sauce, sorry, see ya, jump, hop, sister, brother, bite, cracker, all done, i watch a show, no no (while pointing her fingers), dog, outside, slide, color, owie, soft, yum, bum, diaper, eyes, nose, boo boo, button, bubble, buddy, book, shoes, socks, shirt, eww, okay, park, flower, bee, birdy, sheepy, spider, baba, ninight, bye bye, hi, hey, what's up, boo, nana, grandpa, papa, da, emma, ben, mimi, i-i.... and I'm sure a bunch more I'm forgetting.
She is starting to string together words, too.

Can point to:
eyes, nose, mouth, ears, cheeks, hair, head, fingers, shoulders, elbows, button, boo boos, back, knees, toes, bum, teeth, tongue, chin

Animal noises:
dog, cat, lion, bear, dinosaur, bird, mouse, bunny, horse, cow, lamb, fish, monkey, ghost, santa, chicken,

Recognizes letters and numbers but just calls them all A. Can say ABCDE. And will repeat all the letters after I say them to her. The other day I said J and she said K. Can count to two by herself.

Loooooves to be outside, even in the snow.
Loves princesses and dancing like them.
Coud read books all day long. Just backs up until she's sitting in my lap.
Sleeps 12-13 hours a night. Usually a 1.5-2.5, occasionally 3 hour nap during the day.
Is getting a lot more hair everyday and can do a top ponytail.
Loves to color (on the walls, once. yikes) and play with play dough.
Her favorite things are dice, or any little object she can put into another container.

Can point out any star or heart.
Wears glasses all around and loves them.

Is a really good eater most of the time, and eats whatever we eat for dinner.
Her favorite foods right now are:
Fruit smoothies, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, black berries, apples, chips, bananas, oranges, dipping things in ketchup, sausages, carrots, apple sauce, yogurt, juice, cottage cheese.

Has 4 front teeth, 2 in back (can't tell if they're molars) on top. 4 bottom teeth, 2 molars.

Favorite songs:
Wheels on the bus, Can't stop this feeling, dinosaur stomp, robot song, anything with a good beat she can dance to.

Favorite shows:
Mother goose clubhouse, baby genius on Netflix, dave and ava, goldie and bear, preschool prep, trolls

She is so much fun I never could have imagined having a daughter like her. She wears me out like no other but I am so grateful she is mine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: We went to the aquarium with the kids I used to nanny. I stuck Olive up by the window and she started screaming and freaking out! I had no clue she would react that way. It took her a bit but she finally warmed up and by the end she loved standing up by the window and looking at all the fish. 2:: People are always commenting to me that she looks tired or like she just woke up. Even if she's not. 3:: She has turned into a TOTAL mama's girl. She prefers me over anyone, especially if she's sick or hurt. She always wants me for comfort. I have to say I kind of love it. 4:: She is OBSESSED with dogs. Pictures, on tv, actual dogs, doesn't matter where we are she starts whining for them and wants them. She loves when they lick her hands. 5:: We went to Bear Lake and Olive was in heaven. I couldn't take my eyes off of her because she would eat sand or stick her face in the water, but she loved playing around. Except she got an ear infection and was up for 3+ hours every night screaming. 6:: She cut her top two teeth and they are the cutest things ever. She now has 4. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive is such a snuggler and cuddler. If I say 'cuddle cuddle cuddle!' she will lay her head on my shoulder and it just melts me. 2:: She has been sleeping SO MUCH this last week. going to bed between 7 and 8 and waking up close to 9 or 9:30! Her naps haven't been as long, but no wonder since she is sleeping 14 hours! 3:: She cut her top two teeth this week! Which maybe explains the sleep but also explains why she has been a little more grouchy. 4:: We went camping this weekend and she loved it! She just crawled and climbed everywhere. We went home and slept in our own beds though. Taylor stayed and camped. 5:: She always sticks her leg out while eating in her high chair. And even in her stroller. It is so cute. She just loves to be comfy while eating!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive has started standing more on her own. Only when she doesn't realize it though. 2:: She will start watching shows, which is kind of nice when I am making dinner! 3:: I think she is growing out of her second nap, but still wants to go down two hours right when she wakes up. So it gets tricky in the afternoon. 4:: She pulls out a baby book we have each time she is in our front room and kisses all the babies on the pictures and laughs at it. I think she thinks the baby on the cover is her. 5:: We went to a parade for the 4th and it was so hot but she liked it. She haaaated the fireworks though. As long as it was in the distance she loved looking at them and pointing to them, but when they started over us she started screaming and was gripping me so tight I think she would have held on if I let go. It was also 10:00 pm so she was extra tired but we left right when they started. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Anytime Olive talks I will say what! In a high voice, and she started saying it around the house. She will say 'ahtt? all the time and it is the cutest thing ever. 2:: The one food I have found Olive to not be fond of is broccoli. When I give her pieces she gets this weird look on her face. I think it's a texture thing. 3:: On Sunday I was in the kitchen and I looed over and Olive was on the third stair. I walked over to see what she would do and she climbed to the top of our stairs like she'd done it a million times. I was so shocked and she was so proud! Now anytime she sees the stairs she bolts up them. So far she has such great balance, but I still need to get a baby gate. 4:: She has started standing by herself sometimes. I will notice it and once she does too she will get down, but she's getting braver. 5:: We went to bear lake for the day and she LOVED it. She wouldn't sleep on the way up, but she was actually really happy the whole day. She could have played in the dirt and water carrying her stick all day. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016