Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: I went to girls camp and when I got home she was next level clingy, and she was emotional one night so I said Olive what's wrong? And she said don't leave me again!
2:: She's so sensitive. If she thinks she did something wrong or things she might be in trouble she'll go into another room and start crying. I have to really be careful about the way I'm talking to her because she picks up on it all.
3:: She didn't watch any fireworks because she was in bed. We did pop its and sparklers though.
4:: And she still slept in until 10:30 the day after the 4th. she was just exhausted I guess.
5:: Nana gave her some unicorn jammies and the first thing she said was 'like kyky!' None of us even remembered Kylie had some, I don't know how she did.

1:: Riggins loves doing patta cake and this little piggy.
2:: He holds his own bottle, so I lay him in his crib and come back in when he is done and put his binkie in his mouth and he goes to sleep.
3:: I have found so many things in his mouth, most of which is garbage. The kid just puts everything in there constantly.
4:: He is getting better at standing. He can't do it by himself, but if I'm there he is getting stronger.
5:: He has tanlines! And a pretty wicked farmer's tan. I don't know if he'll be as dark as Olive, but he's definitely getting some sun.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She's been excited about the 4th of July. This is the first year where I can talk about things and she understands a little bit about what is going to happen. It's so fun.
2:: She told me she won't watch fireworks though because they're so loud. When she plugs her ears she has one hand and her shoulder on her cast arm to plug them.
3:: We went to the hall of breakfast and she actually had a blast. I think she could have stayed in the confetti room and the ball pit all day if I let her.
4:: She loves her friends and always wants to play with someone, especially if she sees anyone outside. She says Ivy is her best friend in the whole wide world.
5:: She is getting so good at balancing on her strider and getting so fast on it.

1:: He was obsessed with the ball pit at the hall of breakfast. He loves balls so that was his personal heaven.
2:: He somehow turned 10 months and I don't know how that happened! Best and fastest 10 months of my life.
3:: He has no teeth still, is not crawling. My giant eterni-baby.
4:: He gives noses where he'll put his face to yours and rubs it with yours.
5:: He won't clap, but he just hits the table over and over and I think he thinks he's laughing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She still will not poop on the potty. It's driving me crazy and I don't know what I'm going to do. She acts like it's the worst form of torture if I try to get her to.
2:: It's so good to be home with her, she has been a little more clingy lately. Not like she's mad at me, just like she doesn't want me to leave her.
3:: I took her to lagoon again and she is not really a fan of many of the rides. She doesn't like any of them that might go higher in the sky.
4:: She did like the swings and the train and the boats though.
5:: He cast is getting dirtier and dirtier. We washed it the other day and it almost made it worse. I just had to get some water down in there because she just sweats and it stinks! I've complained way more than her but I just can't wait to get it off.

1:: He is everywhere. Rolling and scooting all over the place. Everywhere and no where at the same time.
2:: He's been sleeping good on his belly lately. I love turning the monitor on and seeing what position he is in.
3:: He's just been sleeping good in general lately. Through the night, and sleeping in. I think it's a combo of eating formula and being active but it's like all of the sudden he's an amazing sleeper.
4:: He says mamamama all the time. Won't say any other words, but know what I'm talking about when I tell him to say dada he looks around for Taylor. And I'll point out things for him to say and he just laughs.
5:: He grunts at me if I don't feed him fast enough.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: We went to Italy for 10 days and Olive and Riggins stayed with nana and grandpa. It was obvious she was queen of the house and owned the place.
2:: Every time we face timed her she would ask 'where are you guys?'
3:: Nana said she would play in the backyard all day. I need a backyard so bad.
4:: She had special dates with Kylie and got treats and toys and honestly just had a blast.
5:: When we saw her again she said 'I MISSED YOU!' It was so good to be home. 10 days is too long to be away from the kiddos. I missed her so much.

1:: My mom said Riggins slept pretty good, woke up in the early morning then would go back to sleep, but he would wake up a lot earlier than usual.
2:: He learned to scoot while we were gone. Going after Piper, of course.
3:: He would pull on the carpet, and pull himself forward. By the end of the week he was using his body to get him along where he wanted to go.
4:: He would just play in the wagon in the backyard watching Olive play and playing with toys. He was just happy to be outside all week.
5:: This kid is seriously the happiest when he is outside. Or eating. Or both.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: We went to get her cast on, and I asked her what color she wanted on our drive up and she told me pink again. I asked if she wanted purple or something different and she was set on pink.
2:: Until we got in there. When she saw all the options she was telling me she wanted lime green. At the last minute she changed back to pink which I'm so glad about because she has to have the cast 6-8 weeks this time and I'm glad we're not stuck with lime green haha.
3:: The doctor at Primary's told me water proof casts are a myth, and that we need to avoid getting it wet as much as possible. So summer and swimming should be fun. I ordered a smaller arm cover for her so that should help.
4:: The doctor also said to avoid wood chips, sand, trampolines, bikes, scooters, tumbling, and anything else she could get hurt on. I wanted to say do you know this girl? That'll be impossible.
5:: Anytime people ask her what happened to her arm she says 'I broke my arm!' Not answering their question of how, just that she broke it. haha.

1:: He has the fuzziest hair ever. I wet, gel, and hairspray it down. Doesn't matter, it'll find a way up. And I honestly love it. Olive calls him our fuzzy little guy sometimes.
2:: I weaned Riggins over Memorial Day. I had been slowly getting him down to less nursing and more bottles, but I went cold turkey when I went to Taylor Swift. I had two nights away from him so I couldn't turn back.
3:: He did really good with it. I got him used to bottles for the weeks leading up to it by offering a bottle first thing in the morning, and after that he was fine. He got used to the formula and liked them.
4:: I sleep trained him in May, and it still hasn't fully worked. He's doing a lot better but he'll still wake up each night. Sometimes I try to just put his binkie in, but that doesn't always work.
5:: There was a period of a few days where he wouldn't take his binkie. At all. I was a little worried but also thinking maybe I should take it away for good, but he started taking it again. So weird I wonder if he was teething.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: Her little imagination is getting better and better. I catch her playing all of the time. She is always telling me 'mom just pretend...' It's the best.
2:: She says 'opensessayou' instead of 'open sesame'. It's so cute.
3:: After 12 days of having no case, she broke her arm again. We were at the park and she tripped on the stairs and came over to me crying. I took one look at it and knew it was broken.
4:: When I got her in the car I said 'Olive, I think you broke your arm again'. And she said 'yeah, we better go get an x-ray.' She knows the drill.
5:: She was so good at the doctor, again. I decided to go straight to Primary Children's this time. They set it again and this time the doctor was pushing so hard he was shaking. Hopefully it'll all workout better and heal completely this time.

1:: Riggins went with my mom when Olive broke her arm and we were at the hospital. He is such a trooper and took a big nap and played with nana.
2:: He's a little squaker lately. It's so loud. Especially if you're not feeding him fast enough, he'll let you know.
3:: If he has socks on, they will be pulled off as soon as he can get his hands on them. Then he'll usually suck on one so it's soaked, especially in the car.
4:: He gives the best kisses ever. Open mouth, all in. The best.
5:: He gives high five and just hits your hand over and over and over.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She got her cast off just in time for swim lessons. They were private lessons and well let's just say her instructor was very patient.
2:: Halfway through her first lesson she got out of the pool and booked it over to the diving board. He could barely swim over before she jumped off.
3:: Her teacher was so shocked and said he's never seen a 3 year old do that, and I told him she is 2 and he said she is one of a kind.
4:: She doesn't listen good at all at swim lessons... We have a lot to work on there. But she loves the water and I think will be a good swimmer one day.
5:: She loves nursery, and knows it's on Sunday now. So anytime I try to sneak her home for a nap she gets mad because she wants to go to nursery.

1:: Riggins fell off the chair at swim lessons. I was putting a towel around Olive and he rolled off.
2:: I found him laying face down in the dirt and he didn't even make a peep.
3:: Somehow he turned 9 months. I don't know how. I am so sad but also so happy. Something happens to me when my kids hit around 9 months and I just feel like I'm normal, and that age is magic. Because he is just magic right now.
4:: He thinks his sister is the funniest person in the whole world and laughs at her harder than anyone.
5:: He's so ticklish under his arms and neck. I love to kiss down his arm then tickle his armpits with my face because he laughs so hard.