Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: She's in a big copying phase. Everything I do with Riggins she does with her baby. She holds the binkie in her teeth the way I do, when I lay Riggins down her baby will be laying right by him, and everytime I get Riggins out of his swing she says 'Baby turn!' and puts her baby in.
2:: Since day light savings anytime she sees the sun going down she says 'It's so dark!' and we ask her what that means and she says bathtime instead of bedtime.
3:: Anytime she is wondering where Taylor is she yells 'TAY!'
4:: She has this weirdo scratchy voice she's been using lately. It's hilarious.
5:: She rolled down the stairs and it scared her really bad. She totally caught herself but it was a little scary!

1:: He is the chubbiest baby. His cheeks get bigger everyday and so does his belly. His legs still aren't that big yet. Waiting for the rolls to come.
2:: He all the sudden has become not a great sleeper. He used to wake up once or twice a night, but now it's a lot more and he isn't always going back to sleep.
3:: If I don't nurse him when I go to the gym early, he is always cuddling in bed with Taylor drinking a bottle. It is very cute.
4:: He's in size one diapers, but I think I need to move him up to two because he has a blowout almost everyday.
5:: Sometimes he gets fussy or overly tired and doesn't want to nurse so I give him a bottle and he eats it up.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: We went up to Logan to see Milo and went to a big jumping place. Olive climbed to the top of the biggest slide all by herself over and over.
2:: After the first time she didn't even want me to climb up with her. She wanted to do it alone. Miss Independent.
3:: She is in a possessive phase, and will move another kid's arm out of the way when they are touching what she wants. Don't know how to stop that...
4:: There was a big pile of leaves at Kylie's house and Olive jumped right in and said 'Mom! I'm swimming in the leaves!'
5:: She always says she is a ghost, I am a pumpkin, and Taylor is a skeleton. But she pronounces it 'skeleskin'. She loves Halloween.

1:: He used to poop about once a week, but now he has started everyday, and mostly having a blowout.
2:: He had one when I got to Kylie's apartment. Luckily I had an extra outfit and diaper!
3:: He is so chatty and coos and talks back to me when I talk to him.
4:: He straightens his arms and kicks his legs when he gets excited. And makes the cutest little facial expressions.
5:: He will follow me with his eyes around the room. If he can see me he's happy.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: Everywhere we drive or walk, Olive looks for pumpkins on the porch of houses. She will yell 'DERS SOME!' and then I yell it too and she laughs and we do it over and over when we see them.
2:: She was going back and forth between the couch and she said 'Mom, I bouncy!'.
3:: Anytime she sees halloween outfits she will always say 'Buzz Halloween!' She understands she is going to be buzz.
4:: She loooooved trick or treating. She actually made it about an hour and understood what to do.
5:: She wanted to open some candy right away, but actually kept most of it in her bucket the whole time. She also chose the black and white striped bucket instead of the pumpkin bucket.

1:: He was the cutest Woody I have ever seen. Even if Olive wasn't Buzz, I would have wanted him to be Woody because it was perfect.
2:: I had to actually cut the crotch of the costume because he was too long for it, and it would barely velcro shut because he is so chubby.
3:: He is always happy to be along for the ride and sat in the stroller while we trick or treated until he got cold.
4:: He's on a pretty good schedule where he takes 3 naps a day. His morning and night naps are shorter, and his afternoon one is pretty long as long as he's in his swing or Olive is quiet.
5:: His favorite person is Taylor. He will always smile at him and laughs at him more than anyone else.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: We went to the pumpkin patch and gardner village and she loved it! Now everywhere we go she likes to look for pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, and witches! Halloween is going to be so fun with her this year.
2:: She asks to go swimming every day no matter what. Good thing we are in St. George for a few days!
3:: She was so good on the drive down. She's a good age where she will just sit and play and can communicate anything she needs. I was super impressed with her.
4:: Every morning she asks if baby brother is awake. And if dad is awake. Or at work.
5:: She loved playing with the kids in St. George. She gets along great with anyone who isn't her age. 2 year olds she struggles with because they both want the same things and they just take it from each other. We're learning.

1:: He is so chatty! He will coo back and forth with me forever. Just talking.
2:: He already knows about the camera. When I pull it out he will stop and just stare at it.
3:: The mornings are my favorite when his arms come out of the swaddle and he stretches and is so smiley.
4:: He is still the gassiest baby. Pooping a little more, still not every day though.
5:: He was an angel on the drive to St. George. We stopped once to nurse and he slept probably 3/4 of the way.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: Every morning when I go to get her out she says 'goo morning!'
2:: She loves to watch Taylor drive to work every morning that she's awake when he leaves.
3:: She can spot any car that looks like someone's she knows, even if it's in a different color.
4:: Anytime we walk past the picture of Riggins and her on the wall she has to tell me 'baby brudda awake! Ollie laughing! Momoo tickle me!'
5:: She loves to hide or cover her face and when we ask where Olive is she pops out and yells 'There I is!'

1:: He is so interactive and has been smiling this past week!
2:: He likes Taylor the best, and will laugh when Taylor tickles his feet with his beard.
3:: He is a nursing champ and takes a bottle so well. I never worry when I leave him with someone.
4:: He loves to be swaddled to sleep.
5:: He loves his binkie, but doesn't need it to sleep. It helps him get to sleep, but he doesn't need it to stay asleep.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: Anytime she sees any Halloween decorations she yells 'BUZZ HALLOWEEN!' She knows she's going to be buzz, but I'm not sure she knows exactly what that means yet.
2:: She makes everything into a slide. The arm of the couch, my legs, a cushion, if it can be slid on, it's a slide.
3:: She mimicks everything I do lately. Now when she wants something she'll point to it and start nodding and smiling like that will get me to let her do it. It's hilarious.
4:: She loves to 'watch yedders'. I took tv away from her for 4 weeks, but have been easing back into it because I need it to occupy her sometimes. She can watch letters as much as she wants as far as I'm concerned because she learns so much! We are on letter sounds and sight words.
5:: It's been getting dark earlier and she knows that means bedtime. She'll say 'it so dark!' and I'll ask what that means and she'll either say 'bedtime' or 'it's so light!' to avoid bedtime. Haha.

1:: I say this all the time but he is the easiest baby ever. He is just CHILL all the time.
2:: He gets the cutest dimples in his forehead when he wrinkles it and I love them.
3:: We blessed him on Sunday and he was an angel. I got him to sleep but he woke up when I handed him to Taylor but he was silent his whole blessing. Taylor did an awesome job.
4:: He was hilarious in his blessing outfit. It was the one Taylor wore for his blessing. It had a bonnet which made his cheeks divine, and it showed off his huge belly and chicken legs.
5:: He's been going a week between poops. It's crazy when he actually poops because it's SO MUCH. But it doesn't leak out which is a good thing!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: Anytime I try to move Olive out of the way or get her to go somewhere she looks up at me shocked and goes 'Don't pusha me!'
2:: Her naps might kill me. If she does take one, it takes forever to get her down and she is up all night until like 10 pm. If she doesn't take one by 4 pm I am ready to give her away and I get no alone time, but she does go down at night easy at like 7. It's a weird transition period.
3:: She asks to go to nana's house everyday since she spent a few days there after riggins was born.
4:: She was watching sing and came to me crying so hard. She got sad when everything collapsed and all the characters were sad. It was the sweetest thing ever.
5:: Lately when she's not going to bed she says it's because 'I so hungy'. So I have to get her a snack which results in tons of crumbs in her bed.
6:: We went on a drive to see the leaves and she is constantly asking to go to the mountains now. And she sees leaves on the ground and says 'leaves fall down!'

1:: He's on a pretty good bedtime routine and is ready for bed around 8 pm ish.
2:: He is still sleeping anywhere and is so much easier to get to bed than olive. I just get him to take his binki and with in minutes he's out with just a tiny rock.
3:: He looooves bathtime.
4:: I've been bathing him in my bath with olive out of convenience and he just lays there and smiles.
5:: He is so alert it's crazy. He seems a lot older because of his size but also because of how alert he is when he is awake.