Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She is at the sweetest age right now, and will come up to me and give me a hug and say 'I love you mama.' or if I tell her I love her she will say 'I love you too mama.'
2:: She loves to be in the car but not in her carseat. Anytime I say we have to go somewhere she says she wants to sit by mom or 'no buckle!'
3:: She also always says no buckle when we eat dinner. It's now a joke, I'll say Olive go sit in your seat and she'll say 'nooo buckle' and I'll say 'hey Ollie, noooo buckle'. It's fun.
4:: She still asks to go to Disneyland everyday.
5:: When I ask her if I am her best friend she says 'no, Milo my best friend'. Which is so funny she remembers him so well because we don't see him much. Anytime she sees a picture of a little boy though she always says it's Milo.

1:: He is such a big boy. He basically can get out of his swing when it's going. Definitely too big for it but he loves it.
2:: He's so into faces and has to be touching the face of whoever is holding him.
3:: He's also into grabbing hair or earrings. Watch out.
4:: He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
5:: He is so good at taking bottles. Never had a problem with them and I am so grateful.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: Anytime she makes a mistake or drops something she says 'oopsadaisy!'
2:: When she is upset she'll say 'UGH!' or 'Ugh are you kidding me?' or 'Gosh dang it!'
3:: She picked up a piece of tupperware that had been stepped on so it was bent and said 'oh no! I need to pop it. Like a weasel!'
4:: She got sick and had the runniest nose.
5:: I gave her elderberry syrup and it took it away so fast it was insane. She doesn't like it but would say 'it's not good, but it's not gross.'

1:: I took him out of his swaddle and he transitioned like a champ.
2:: He started sleeping longer stretches at night, and likes to grab his dogs leg and put it on his face now.
3:: He still sleeps on his back, even while out of the swaddle.
4:: While I nurse him he likes to play with my face or put his hand on my cheek.
5:: He has a rash on his chin from drooling and sucking on his finger. I have to keep aquaphor on it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: Happiest place on earth was 10x happier with Miss Olive June. She had been so excited to go, even though she didn't really know what it was.
2:: First ride of the day was pinocchio, which was probably a bad choice because it was pretty dark and loud. She didn't seem sure but when we finished she said 'again!' so that was a good sign!
3:: Her favorite rides were Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Small World, Autopia, Nemo, any ride in bugs land, Mater's dance, and the carousel. Disney Junior was the highlight of the whole week. She went nuts dancing and had a blast. It was so fun to watch her.
4:: She ate probably 30 suckers in 3 days and didn't throw one tantrum until the last day when it was close to bedtime. She only took one nap on the second day and did so great. She is such a good girl.
5:: She was not a big fan of the characters. She liked to look at them but wouldn't give them a hug and barely got to the point of high fives. Until Mickey. She ran right up and gave him a hug. He was walking main street, and she kept following him and saying 'my mickey!'. He came back to her a few times, took her sucker out of her hand and ate it, then on the last time came over and gave her a flower. It was the sweetest cutest thing I've ever seen. He made her feel so special. She keeps asking if Mickey can come to her house now.

1:: Riggs is a champ traveler. He slept most of the flight there, and slept the entire flight home, from take off until touch down.
2:: He hung out in his stroller a lot, or was held by one of us or carried in his stroller.
3:: He went on a few rides, but hated pirates. So did Olive. We had two crying kids by the end of that ride.
4:: He did so good sleeping anywhere, even in loud places like disney junior or fantasmic. I just wrapped him and had a softie by his ears, and he was out. He also slept on the couch in our room, and didn't care if we were in there talking or with the TV on. He just slept away at night.
5:: If he was any different than the angel that he is Disneyland would have been a nightmare and wouldn't have worked. I'm so grateful he's such a good and easy going baby. He is the best.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: We went swimming with Kylie this week and she was in heaven. We are excited for summer!
2:: She says 'upstairs the top now' when she describes upstairs.
3:: She says 'sure' when I ask her to do something for me, but it sounds more like 'suah!' It's my favorite word she says.
4:: She is so into my phone. If I am watching an instagram story she runs over and says 'I need to watch!' or she will always steal it to take pictures or type pictures. Scares me, and I know it's a sign I need to take a step back and set a good example.
5:: Her big thing is asking people to come over to her house. She asks me all day if specific people can come over, and she will invite her friends when she sees them.

1:: He wore a necktie to church, and he is so chubby with no neck it poked right out and had nowhere to go.
2:: Everywhere we go people just want to squish his cheeks. I can't blame them, they are amazing.
3:: We gave him a taste of apple sauce and he loved it.
4:: Everytime I'm eating he looks like he just wants to eat what I am eating. I need to make him some baby food, I'm just waiting for a new freezer so I have some space.
5:: He isn't rolling at all, but is good at tummy time.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: All she wants to do is play playdough. All day everyday.
2:: I've been sick and she is constantly asking me if I'm sick and telling me to drink my water. Because I won't let her drink out of it.
3:: An example of her saying 'now' after everything. This week she wanted me to get something upstairs and she said 'mama go upstairs the top now.' I think it's so cute.
4:: When I ask her to do something or to get me a certain ice cream flavor with her toy she responds with 'sure!' but it sounds more like 'suah'.
5:: She told me today that she needs to play outside. I agree. The weather has been so crappy we miss being outside!

1:: This week I gave him some of Olive's apple sauce at dinner.
2:: He looooved it and ate it like a pro. Guess I need to make more purees.
3:: He's really getting good at tummy time, but he isn't rolling over yet.
4:: Since he was sick he is not sleeping well at all. He wakes up a lot and he's been so hard to get down at night. The other night he didn't go to sleep until after midnight and I tried everything and even had to give him a bottle.
5:: I wonder if I should give him rice cereal or formula at night. It just seems like he's not getting enough to keep him full and that might help him sleep longer.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She got the stomach flu the day after Christmas. Up all night barfing and taking baths and washing sheets. It was so sad she was so sick. Luckily it only lasted 24 hours.
2:: We went up to the cabin overnight until Riggins got sick, and on the way up she fell asleep in the car, which doesn't happen a lot. She loved playing in the playroom and slept through the night in the closet while we were up with Riggins all night while he barfed.
3:: She doesn't call us mamoo or dadoo anymore. She calls us mama and daddy. Whenever she talks to Taylor she'll say 'come play daddy!' and it sounds like she has an English accent.
4:: She says 'now' after a lot of things she says. 'I need to eat a candy now.' 'I want to play with my toys now.' 'Look, I wake up now.'
5:: She takes vitamins and probiotics everyday and asks for her 'candy' every morning. She grabs her tiny cup and has me put them in there and she eats them.

1:: Poor guy got the stomach flu too. He was up all night barfing, and didn't make a peep. I only knew he was barfing because I heard it, not because he cried. We were at the cabin and I'm glad he was sleeping in our room because I could easily hear him.
2:: I got super worried about him because he didn't have a wet diaper for almost 24 hours after he had the flu. I was feeding him pedialyte and feeding him breast milk out of a syrringe. Poor little guy.
3:: At his 4 month appointment he weighed 19 lbs 14.5 oz. He would have been over 20 lbs if he didn't get the flu I swear. 98% weight. 99% head. 86% height.
4:: I swear he is teething. He chews on things and drools alllll day long.
5:: He is the best napper ever. Not sleeping well at night since he was sick, but he will take two almost 3 hour naps. Or 3 naps that are a little bit shorter. It's the best.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Weekly Update

1:: Christmas was so fun with her. She liked to open presents, and wanted each present totally opened and wanted to play with it before moving onto the next one.
2:: She opened all of her toys and all of Riggins' toys too.
3:: Her favorite toys were a little fishing toy that cost $4 and all of Riggins' toys.
4:: She was the angel in the nativity at Grandma and Grandpa Love's Christmas party. She loved wearing her wings and walked up to each person in the nativity and said 'I'm an angel!'.
5:: She loves taking selfies on my phone. I usually have about 300 of her each time she has it. She also demands to see my phone anytime she hears me watching a video. She has to see what's going on.

1:: I don't know how we got so lucky with this guy. He is seriously the happiest best baby ever.
2:: He looked so cute in his little overalls on Christmas. I have a hard time finding cute affordable boy clothes, but when I do I am obsessed with them.
3:: He's lost most of his hair and it's totally growing back in blonde. And he has a middle part. Hopefully it goes away as his hair grows.
4:: He loves loves the bath. He splashes his right arm and legs around and smiles so big.
5:: He is totally playing with toys. He loves to eat his hands and chew on toys.