Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: My friends and I just went to St. George again, and this time was exhausting. Olive fought with Walden the entire time, I felt like I was constantly having to get after her and make her give him the toys he wanted, and I just felt irritated the whole time. Such a bummer.
2:: She was also waking up at 6 am, which she's never done in her life so I was so tired which probably explains why I was so irritated as well.
3:: She was so happy to play outside though. Give the girl some dirt and rocks and she's happy for hours.
4:: Since we've been home it's been such nice weather. We've been playing outside all day everyday. All the neighbors come outside and she's in heaven. She calls all her friends her cousins and asks when they'll come outside. And she goes over to charly's house and knocks on the door to ask her to play. So cute.
5:: My current favorite word she says is cereal. She says it like seew-ee-awl. It's the best. And she loves it. Just like her mama.
1:: Little mr didn't want anything to do with his pack n play in st. George. So he slept in my be with me. He actually slept pretty well, and I didn't wake him up like I thought I would.
2:: He loved being outside too, and likes to sit and touch the grass.
3:: He is sooo close to sitting up by himself. I don't dare let him alone, but he can do it for a while without me helping him. Just about there.
4:: He's a rolling machine. He'll move all over the place, but mostly only rolls one direction. (to the left when laying on his back).
5:: When he's on his stomach he puts his bum in the air. I won't be surprised if he starts crawling in the next month or so.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: So her pediatrician told me since she's waking up so much it might be because she isn't getting into her deep REM sleep cycle.
2:: It also could be because of a fear. So I need to watch and try to find a pattern.
3:: In the mean time, he told me to give her 1-3 mg of melatonin. I was always so worried to do that because I didn't want her to be dependent on it, but that won't happen since our bodies produce it naturally to go to sleep, she just might need more.
4:: Since I've been giving it to her she has been sleeping AND NAPPING so awesome! I had her stop napping because then she'd be awake all night and not go to bed, but the melatonin fixes that. AND she's sleeping through the night, because she needed the nap! The more she sleeps the better she sleeps. I'm so glad she'll nap again.
5:: She doesn't go down on her own though. I have to rock her to sleep but I don't mind (I Love IT) and then she'll sleep for about 2 hours. Saving my sanity and she's so much more pleasant to be around when she's getting her sleep. WIN WIN.

1:: At his 6 month appointment he weighed 22 pounds. TWENTY TWO! Olive weighed 22 lbs at one year. Haha. He is SCRUMPTIOS.
2:: He has the best love handles. And legs. And belly. And cheeks. And I'm getting stress about him ever losing them.
3:: He loves to eat. (big surprise) His favorites are sweet potatoes, apple sauce, strawberries and pears in his mesh chew toy, and baby crackers. He's not huge on carrots but he will eat them.
4:: His favorite person in the world is Olive. Anytime she says BOO! he will laugh, whether he can see him or not.
5:: He's reallll big into grabbing faces. I have to cut his nails all the time or he'll scratch anyone he comes in contact with.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: Whenever Riggins wakes up from a nap or in the morning she has to be the first one into his room to open the door.
2:: She goes in and says 'GOOD MORNING BABY BROTHER!'
3:: It finally snowed outside and when Olive saw it she said 'It's Christmas Eve!'
4:: Anytime she hears a sound of any kinds she looks at me and says 'What's that noise?'
5:: There's a dog in our neighborhood that barks and it freaks her out so bad. I think it's because it's behind a fence and she can't see it.

1:: He loves his jumper and can actually move his feet so he bounces.
2:: I still can't believe how blonde he is!
3:: I can't wait to see if his skin will tan like Olive's does or not. He seems pretty fair right now, but we'll see what happens when he's out in the sun.
4:: We went out into the snow and he was all bundled up and just happy to be there like always.
5:: I can't get over his cheeks anytime he wears his bear fur hat. KILLS ME!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She is still having nightmares and waking up screaming and crying almost every night.
2:: I don't know what to do about it. Sometimes she complains about a snake, tiger, bug, but there's no pattern. Most of the time she won't tell me anything that's wrong.
3:: I'm hoping at Riggins' appointment this next week I can ask him what to do.
4:: I usually just have to go in and lay her back down and she'll go to sleep.
5:: I just need her to start sleeping again because between her and Riggins waking up I'm feeling like a zombie!

1:: I swear he has been teething since 3 months. Always chewing on everything and drooling so bad!
2:: He loves to chew on my fingers. It actually hurts so bad I can't let him do it very long because it is painful he has a strong bite.
3:: He wants to eat food sooo bad. He just reaches and looks at any food I'm eating in front of him.
4:: I've given him little tastes of apple sauce and some fruits.
5:: I'll start feeding him more next week when we go to his 6 month appointment. I can't wait to see how much he weighs. I swear it'll be 25 pounds.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She loves to say 'I love brother!'
2:: Then I ask who brother loves, and she says 'Ollie!'
3:: Then we go 'Who does mama love?' and she says 'Daddy!'
4:: Who does daddy love? 'Mama!'
5:: No one is left out, and everyone loves someone. It's really sweet.

1:: He is really starting to love to play games.
2:: Pat a cake and peek a boo are his current favorites.
3:: He has one hair on the left side of his head that is about 2 inches long.
4:: It's my and Taylor's favorite. I never want it to fall out.
5:: His elephant blankie toy is his favorite. He will chew and chew that thing.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: She is at the sweetest age right now, and will come up to me and give me a hug and say 'I love you mama.' or if I tell her I love her she will say 'I love you too mama.'
2:: She loves to be in the car but not in her carseat. Anytime I say we have to go somewhere she says she wants to sit by mom or 'no buckle!'
3:: She also always says no buckle when we eat dinner. It's now a joke, I'll say Olive go sit in your seat and she'll say 'nooo buckle' and I'll say 'hey Ollie, noooo buckle'. It's fun.
4:: She still asks to go to Disneyland everyday.
5:: When I ask her if I am her best friend she says 'no, Milo my best friend'. Which is so funny she remembers him so well because we don't see him much. Anytime she sees a picture of a little boy though she always says it's Milo.

1:: He is such a big boy. He basically can get out of his swing when it's going. Definitely too big for it but he loves it.
2:: He's so into faces and has to be touching the face of whoever is holding him.
3:: He's also into grabbing hair or earrings. Watch out.
4:: He loves to look at himself in the mirror.
5:: He is so good at taking bottles. Never had a problem with them and I am so grateful.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Weekly Update

1:: Anytime she makes a mistake or drops something she says 'oopsadaisy!'
2:: When she is upset she'll say 'UGH!' or 'Ugh are you kidding me?' or 'Gosh dang it!'
3:: She picked up a piece of tupperware that had been stepped on so it was bent and said 'oh no! I need to pop it. Like a weasel!'
4:: She got sick and had the runniest nose.
5:: I gave her elderberry syrup and it took it away so fast it was insane. She doesn't like it but would say 'it's not good, but it's not gross.'

1:: I took him out of his swaddle and he transitioned like a champ.
2:: He started sleeping longer stretches at night, and likes to grab his dogs leg and put it on his face now.
3:: He still sleeps on his back, even while out of the swaddle.
4:: While I nurse him he likes to play with my face or put his hand on my cheek.
5:: He has a rash on his chin from drooling and sucking on his finger. I have to keep aquaphor on it.