Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the engagement.

loooooooong post, coming right up.
we got engaged on April 30, 2012.
finals were over, so tay planned a celebratory dinner for 'end of finals/associates degree' for the monday after. i drove up to farmington, & hung out there until our 'reservations'. before we could go to the restaurant, tay told me he wanted to show me an art project we could do for our wedding, at a barn down the street from his house. i didn't think this was weird at all because we had been there before & had been working on lots of other projects together. we go into the barn and he opens the door to the back room, & it looks like this:
i was so shocked & it looked so incredibly pretty in there. there were a bunch of things we (he) had made for us hanging on the walls, music playing, candles, lights, & delicious take out chinese food packed in a picnic basket! of course he made everything perfect and amazing- he's so awesome. i still wasn't really thinking we were going to get engaged this night because he had been dropping hints it would be the next week, & my sister was out of town & i kind of thought she would be there for some reason. 
we hung out in the barn for a while, which i was perfectly happy with & didn't want to leave. (come to find out he kept trying to stall so everyone could get there). we slow danced, read our temple letter, & tay goofed off making mustaches and eating the fake candles.... which is exactly why i love him. 
then we went outside to the front of the barn, & he had some chinese lanterns we were going to light off. he knew i had always wanted to do that, so he had this part planned out for a while, & everyone knew but me. it drove me a little nuts not to know his grand plan. but i'm glad i didn't. ;)
the lanterns completely failed. of course right when we started doing them the wind picks up & right when we thought one was going to fly, the would crash, & burn the field below us. we went to try it one more time, & he said we had to make wishes on them, so he asked me what i would wish for. i said i wish they would fly. (good one kels, so not the right answer). as he's lighting the lantern, he said he would wish that i would marry him. & right there, he whips out the ring and is on one knee. i asked him if this was 'for real'. {he had fake asked me so many times i just wanted to be sure!}. i said yes, and when he put the ring on my finger flashes start going off & our families start piling out from the bottom of the barn. my mom & sister were there {straight from the airport- hence the stalling} & his sisters and mom too. it was so unreal & completely amazing! he made everything so nice & planned everything out so well. i could not ask for a more perfect engagement.
{a picture could never do justice to the incredible ring he picked out- i had never seen it like this in rose gold, & it could not be more perfect.}
i can't wait to spend forever with this boy.
i love you so much tay.