Monday, October 15, 2012

i blame the lion.

A few weeks ago, Taylor & I went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game with Tay's sister & her husband. We had front row seats, right behind the goal. at the beginning & randomly through out the game, the fans would throw streamers down onto the field. About halfway through the game, the Real's mascot, a lion, was carrying a huge pile of streamers that had been collected through out the game. As he was passing in front of us, he turns & jumps up the wall that is in front of us and starts shoving the streamers onto Taylor & me. It was the most hilariously confusing thing, & we were laughing so hard. The lion jumps down, & I pull out my phone to take a picture of Taylor with a giant pile of streamers on his lap. Right as I'm holding my phone up, Real scores, and all the fans jump up & start cheering. My phone was in the way of cheering hands so it got knocked out of my hand & the screen shattered.
I couldn't even be upset about it because it was the craziest couple of minutes ever. It is the funniest story, & with the help of apple care I was able to get a brand new phone to replace it. I still blame that lion, he's the one that started it all.

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