Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a time for thanks.

I love this time of year, & especially Thanksgiving because it offers such a great opportunity to reflect on all of my blessings. I have, with out a doubt, been blessed beyond belief in my life, & especially this year. I have been privileged enough to marry my best friend. 
Words cannot express how much I love this guy & feel so lucky that he is mine forever! I am so grateful for him & all he does for me everyday. He cooks me meals on my long days of school or work. He cleans our house & does the dishes more often than not. He always finds some way to make my day special whether it's funny text messages or bringing me flowers. I love that he likes what I like, or pretends to, & gets excited about what I get excited about. I love how happy & positive he is, always setting the best example of not letting little things ruin your day. I'm grateful that our life is always full of funny things & excitement. There's never a dull moment with Taylor. His sporadic dance parties & lyrics changed in all songs he listens to make life so hilarious and fun. I'm the most 'me' when I'm with him, he makes me the person I want to be. 
I love you Tay. SO grateful for you.

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  1. i am loving your blog design! i love how simple and fresh it looks!