Wednesday, November 7, 2012

cabin trip.

Last weekend, we had a little getaway with four of Taylor's friends & their wives. We went to the cabin that we went to for our honeymoon, & I think it's so cool we can go back there whenever we want. It was nice to get away and just relax. We played a lot of card games & speed scrabble. The boys got to go shoot guns & be boys (whatever that entails), while the girls got to finally have some good girl talk! It was fun to get to know the other couples better, we had a blast! 
 We did some target practice... & no, he is not shooting me! 
We drove home during the sweetest sunset I've ever seen. Seriously, it was breathtaking. 

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  1. You two both look so intense with those weapons in your hands! Sounds like a fun weekend.