Monday, December 10, 2012

shave & a haircut...

....2 bits! 
I went through a little phase in high school, where my friends would have me cut their hair for them. I really had no experience with cutting boy's hair, but I agreed and actually could do a pretty good job. Now when my husband asked me to cut his hair it was a whole different story. I felt more pressure to do a good job, & I really cared about doing a good job. I kind of thought he was just kidding until he showed up at our house with hair cutting supplies and I knew he was serious. I had never used a buzzer before & I was pretty nervous to!
 Excuse our messy mirror... We've had workers cleaning up a part of our basement that flooded, & well, I haven't gotten around to cleaning it.
Even though it took me about three times longer than a usual haircut, it turned out pretty good! 
Then again, Taylor could be bald & still look like a million bucks.

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