Tuesday, January 1, 2013

two thousand twelve.

This year was one for the books. It has with out a doubt been the most amazing, exciting, life changing year of my life. It's the year I fell in love, got engaged, and got married. Those were huge events in my life, but there were also some smaller but still note worthy events as well. Let's do a recap shall we...
January will always be special to me because it's the month I fell in love with my best friend. This month mostly consisted of us transitioning into an actual couple and meeting each other's families. 
In January, we decided we wanted to get married.

Taylor turned 22! We celebrated his birthday with some Nickel Cade dancing.
I woke up early to this guy in my kitchen making heart shaped waffles on Valentines day. That night we went to Chili's and The Vow.

We tried to fill balloons with paint, but due to the cold weather we miserably failed. We also got into spray painting a little bit...

My parents were out of town over Easter, so I broght Jax to Taylor's grandparents for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.
I finally hiked the Y with my roomates after two years.
Taylor & his dad went to Guatemala for humanitarian work. He was gone for a week, but of course it felt like much longer since we weren't able to talk. This week was basically torture for me. 
While Taylor was gone, I bought my wedding dress. Before we were engaged. It had to be done because of the shipping and alterations... 
We got engaged. It was so perfectly planned & executed, I was totally surprised.
We announced our date that had been planned for months.
Taylor started getting really good at his art, making most of the decorations for our wedding!
This month and the months after were mostly filled with wedding planning.
Each day this boy made me the happiest girl in the world. He bought me so many shoes while we were engaged the amount I owned doubled.
My little sister graduated... Making me feel so old!
We got our engagement pictures taken.
We babysat our nieces which was fun and exhausting at the same time.


We spent the fourth of July in Park City with my family.

We got so spoiled at all of our bridal showers. And loved being engaged, but were so ready to be married!

I had to quit my job that I had had nannying for almost two years.
I went through the temple with my family and Taylor's whole family. Needless to say it was amazing. 
We got our bridal pictures taken. It was so hard not getting my dress dirty!
Our wedding dinner was the night before our wedding. This was a pretty emotional day since I had lost my passport that morning, but Taylor calmed me down & made everything better by singing me a song, even though we never found it.

We got married. Best day of our lives!
We honeymooned to Idaho after I lost my passport.
We saw Aladdin in St. George.
We started to make our house more homey.

We went to do baptisms with Jax for his first time.
We went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game & shattered my phone.
We took a gorgeous fall hike.


I turned 21 in St. George where we watched his sisters run the marathon.
I got my face carved into a pumpkin.
We went back to our honeymoon place.
We went on a hike with my family.
Our Halloween costumes were non-existant this year... We'll do better next year- I promise.

We took our niece and nephew to see Wreck it Ralph.
Taylor trust me enough to cut his hair.
We put Christmas lights up on our house.

Went to the Festival of Trees with my family.
We said good bye to these two cuties who moved to Illinois.

We endured the cold long enough to look at the lights at Temple Square.
Taylor opened his own Etsy Shop
We celebrated Christmas together and combined traditions of both of our families.
2012 has left me feeling so blessed and grateful. It gave me Taylor and for that I will always love it. 2013 has big shoes to fill, but I can't wait to see what it brings us. 

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