Friday, May 17, 2013

honeymoon part II

We finally got to take the trip we originally had planned for our honeymoon (before I lost my passport...) and it was beyond amazing. I am actually glad we took it now instead of August. After a long winter and a year of school, we were due for a much needed break. It was the perfect timing for the trip of our dreams. Other than our first day where we got attacked by killer bees (it sounds as terrifying as it was- literally my worst nightmare coming to life), the trip was absolutely amazing. 
 ^^We went to church and were smiling at this baby, so the dad came and plopped him on Tay's lap. We didn't mind. ; ) I loved seeing the ward in Mexico, even though I didn't understand anything anyone said.^^
 ^^This was the view in the neighborhood where we were staying.^^
^^We went into town and bought groceries where all the locals shop. I love grocery shopping in Mexico.^^
^^Our favorite place for tacos- Gus's! We ate there four times... It was amazing. I still crave it everyday. 
So. Good.^^
^^The beaches are amazing. We went to a different beach almost everyday, and sometimes we were the only ones there!^^
^^I am obsessed with these flowers. Wish I could have taken some home in my suitcase.^^
 ^^Instead of taking a water taxi to Lover's Beach, we hiked there. So glad we did! It was so fun.^^
^^The view from our house. And our yummy breakfast burritos... Those tortillas... And the fruit in Mexico is A.MA.ZING. We ate so much fruit while we were there.^^
^^We spent most of our time reading. I read almost three books! It was amazing.^^

^^Fish tacos from Gardinia's. We also ate here a few times. Okay, so I'm obsessed with mexican food. I'll leave it at that.^^

^^Seriously?? So lucky he's my hubby.^^

^^I love Mexican food, but I am the biggest wuss when it comes to anything hot. This is me trying the most mild salsa!^^
^^We built a huge grumpy turtle!^^

^^We are so easily entertained.^^
 ^^We went on an adventure and hiked over some big rocks to this cool place.^^
^^There were always at least 10 hawks in the sky//Tay loves his coca-light//In love with the pool at the house where we were staying.^^
^^Waiting to get through customs and for our ride to pick us up... This is what I looked like the last two days of our trip. I started Divergent, and couldn't put it down until I finished! Such a good book.^^
It was probably the most incredible trip we will ever go on in our life, and of course it had to be our first! I am so grateful this guy chose to marry me and for how blessed and happy we are. Life is so good with him in it.


  1. Looks like so much fun, girl! I've been to Cabo so many times and honestly? Don't think I could ever get sick of it. The water in your pictures is soooo pretty!


  2. Looks like a blast! I love the church in Cabo!! I couldn't understand them either but singing the Hymns was way fun! I am glad you finally got to go!

  3. looks like a really really nice vacation :) I love looking a those picture cause i'm sure the place will be on my dream list to visit... sigh!