Saturday, June 15, 2013


{June 15} 
My family vacation was planned for June, as a last hoorah before Kylie left on her mission. I had work off, but with Taylor just starting a new job, he wasn't able to get it off. I was in the worst position, between choosing to be a good sister or wife. I wanted to spend this time with Kylie before she left {especially since I didn't go on the family vacation the year before so I could be with Taylor}, but I also didn't want to leave Taylor for a week since I hate being gone from him for just a few hours. But, he was very supportive so I decided I would go on the trip, just not for the entire time. Although I missed Taylor a bunch and would have had even more fun if he was there, I had a great time spending time with my fam and my sis- something I don't get to do as much these days with life being so busy. Florida was deathly hot and humid. While it was beautiful, I could never live there! I like it when the water is cold and I could cool off, which is not the case in Florida. Running was a blast though- being able to breathe easy is nice! Now, prepare for an overload of pictures. I couldn't help it.
^^Mostly came for the treats^^
^^Alligator just hanging out^^
^^Went on a tour to see alligators. Craziest thing ever^^

^^Had to take our model pics of course^^
^^It was very bright. We were struggling.^^
^^Got it.^^
^^My cute parents^^
^^Missed my cutie the whole time^^

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