Saturday, January 25, 2014

baby shower for Ivy.

I love throwing parties. Well, I have never actually thrown a real party, but it's the type of thing I dream about, throwing my kids parties and stuff. So when it came time to throw my sister-in-law a party with my other sisters-in-law, I got so excited. And by excited I mean I spent 90% of my Christmas break cutting stars out of poster board, spraying them with glue, and pouring glitter all over. My house might still have glitter everywhere, but it was worth it. I loved making the decorations for the shower. We had it scheduled for January 4th, two and a half weeks before she was due. As luck would have it, she went into labor the night before the shower! So we had to reschedule for about a month later. It was probably a good thing since I was super sick when the shower would have been. But, also a bad thing because that meant I couldn't meet Ivy for a week! Anyway, onto some pictures of the shower. 
^^Sure love these two!^^