Sunday, February 2, 2014


I love birthdays. And my most favorite birthday is my husband's birthday. I have never been a big fan of January or February, but having Taylor's birthday on February 2nd gives me something to look forward to during those months, which is a good thing. This year for Taylor's birthday, I wanted to plan something awesome, and wanted it to be a surprise. I booked a hotel in Midway to stay at over night, and it included a swim in the Crater. As it got closer, I decided I had to tell Taylor to make sure it was something he wanted to do. We decided we would rather spend the money when it gets warmer and we can actually do fun things in Park City rather than pay the money to watch Netflix in bed, which we can do at home for free : ). We still went to Park City, but didn't stay over night. We shopped, then ate dinner at Blue Plate Diner, one of our all time favorite restaurants. It was so much fun! On Sunday, his actual birthday, we went to his parents house, watched the Super Bowl, and celebrated his birthday. The next sunday we went to my parent's house, and I made my first ever cake for my grandpa and Taylor, the February birthday boys. I have always wanted to bake a cake, but I don't like cake, so I never have. Although it went a lot better than planned, I want to find a better tasting recipe for the cake part. The cookie dough ice cream layer was my favorite part, but then again, I am a sucker for ice cream! It was a great weekend celebrating my favorite person on earth! I love you, Taylor!

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