Friday, February 14, 2014

valentine's day.

Valentine's Day this year was the best. I woke up to Taylor gone, but with this little message written on our bathroom mirror. He is so cute! We decided to keep it low-key. No presents (we both didn't listen to that..) and have a night in with take-out Lone Star Taqueria (our favorite place EVER. Seriously- we need to either move to Salt Lake to be closer, or invest in opening one in Bountiful.) We moved our bed into our family room and watched About Time. It was the absolutely perfect night, and so nice to just relax since we always have such a hectic and busy schedule. I love holidays and Valentine's is just the perfect holiday to take a little bit of extra time to celebrate us and how much we love each other. Our life is so good together. 
^^Our fancy candlelit dinner.^^
I can't believe this is the third Valentine's Day we have celebrated together. Where does the time go!?

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