Monday, July 21, 2014

5th grade.

I did my student teaching at Sand Springs Elementary School. At this time I already had a job basically lined up, so I just knew I had to complete the summer and I would be all set to go! 
I didn't expect student teaching to be so HARD. My first assignment was in a fifth grade class for three and a half weeks. I don't think I did anything but cry from the moment I left school to the moment I went to sleep. I hated it! Taylor was worried because I was just always crying and I was so stressed out I knew I didn't want to be a teacher. It just wasn't worth it. 
Then I got my second assignment with another 5th grade teacher. Everything was 100% different this time around. I wasn't stressed, I felt comfortable, and I really started having fun. The difference was the person I was working with. My second cooperating teacher, Michelle, was an angel. She gave me everything I needed, and I didn't feel stupid to ask her any questions. We became fast friends. Near the end of the school year, a job opened up at Sand Springs and all of the teachers there wanted me to take it. I was torn because I knew I had already committed to another job somewhere else. As fate would have it, that other job fell through, and at the last minute I was able to interview for this job and I accepted it! I took a 5th grade position on C track. I had two weeks to prepare between the end of one year that I was student teaching and the beginning of my next year with my own class. I was so excited though! I have loved being at Sand Springs Elementary. It is still HARD, but being able to work with Michelle and my class has made it all worth it. The way everything worked out is a sure sign that God cares about each of us and watches out for us. His plan is far better than anything I could try to come up with on my own.