Saturday, October 4, 2014

St. George Marathon

Running the St. George Marathon was the hardest and most acomplishing thing I have ever done. The early mornings, long runs, losing toenails, sore muscles, energy shots, waterbottle fanny pack, sucking jolly ranchers, upbeat music, driving to Draper at 4:30 am, all of the preparation that went into running it was so worth it. Now that it's all said and done, I would totally run another one. Which is the way I felt miles 0-18. Then I hit a major wall and never fully got over it. Next time, I would definitely train more than just long runs on Saturday. Yes, next time. I will definitely be running another one! Lately I have started to miss the dedication and pushing my body to do something I never thought it could. There is something so cool about setting a goal and meeting it. I am proud of myself and grateful my dad was able to run with me. I never would have made it past mile 21 without him!
 ^^Mile 24. I'm only smiling because there's my fam and a camera. Inside I'm dying.^^
 ^^Now I can really smile because it's over and I have eaten some food and taken off my shoes^^
 ^^Really cool to run with my dad. Both of our first marathons.^^

^^I had so much support while running. Taylor and I are lucky to both come from great families.^^