Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 was a huge year for us! It was full of ups and downs and challenges, but we came out more blessed and happy than we could ever imagine! 
Some highlights from this year:
-I went skiing again for the first time in 5 years.
-We got three nieces, Ivy Grace, Emma Rose, and Claire Jane, and one nephew, Smith Thomas. 
-I got a student teaching position during the summer instead of the fall like expected, which made for a busy summer but was a really good and hard experience. 
-Taylor took an internship at Jacobsen Construction in June. He is working on the Ogden Juvenile Courthouse project and is doing a great job and getting a lot of really good experience. 
-I graduated in April, then finished up my student teaching during the summer. 
-Taylor did very well in school fall, spring, and summer full time while working full time. He has a extremely packed schedule but handles it so well. Next December he will graduate!
-In the middle of my student teaching, I accepted a job at Sand Springs Elementary in 5th grade. 
-Taylor, my dad and I signed up for the St. George Marathon, which my dad and I completed since Taylor was injured.
-Taylor turned 24 and I turned 23.
-We traveled to Park City, St. George a few times and Yellowstone. 2015 is going to be an awesome year for travel including a trip to Spain and Hawaii. I can hardly wait!
-We moved from our home of 2 years in Bountiful to a new but much smaller apartment in Layton.
-We got called to be primary teachers (going on 3 years for me!) to a CTR 5 class. 
-We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Taylor's sister's wedding.
-We binged watched a lot of TV shows and enjoyed whatever time we were able to spend together. 

2014, you were so good to us! We can't wait to see how great 2015 is going to be.