Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 17

::15 weeks::

::16 weeks::
::17 weeks::

I don't feel like I am changing that much. I think I am showing, but maybe more in a chubby way than a pregnant way. I am ready for this belly to POP! So far the only things that are growing are my legs and hips ; ) 

How Far Along? 17 weeks Weight Gain: I am not sure... I am buying a scale this week! Maybe. Part of me doesn't want to know ; ) I can only fit into about two of my pants, and I ripped one the other day... So I'm definitely gaining something Maternity Clothes? No but I am in desperate need of some good maternity pants! All mine are uncomfortable or don't fit. I also have been on the hunt for a swimsuit for Hawaii. I don't think I am big enough for a maternity suit quite yet, and will probably need one of those in June when I am huge, but I still don't know how mine will fit since my body is definitely differently proportioned than it used to be Sleep? I am tired all of the time. I have had a harder time sleeping though. I can fall asleep as early as 8 o'clock, but I can't sleep in past 7 or 8, even if I go to be d late. I think it's because I wake up starving. I also have been sick so sleep has not been my friend. Hopefully that'll go away soon Best moment this week? Finding out baby is a girl! I am so excited and it is ALL I can think about! Also, Taylor accepted a job at High Mark construction and I am so proud of him! Weird pregnancy moment? Feeling baby move! It is so weird! I felt her move just after 15 weeks, and was so surprised. I haven't felt her a lot since that first week, but every now and then I do and it just makes me so happy. I can't believe I have something growing inside of me. I think as I feel her move and I am showing more everything will seem more real. I have had a really easy pregnancy {Knock on wood} Food Cravings: I am still loving avocado toast {When am I not...}. I also like the baked chips selection Costco has had lately. I can eat salads again and even cooked some roasted veggies this past week! I think I am over the queasy veggie spell I was under Anything Making You Queasy? Nothing really specific... I don't like soup that much. Also still Chinese food Gender: GIRL! What I'm looking forward to: Making more decorations for the nursery! I made a mobile, painting, got some prints, and have picked out a crib. I am so excited! I also am getting anxious to know where we will live since we only have a one bedroom apartment. I am praying we will find a house before the baby comes! We will see!


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  2. ah! you are so cute and tiny! so excited for you!!