Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's a.....

We were SO shocked. This whole pregnancy Taylor & I have been convinced we were having a boy. Even while we were at the ultrasound we kept saying 'Come on little dude!' because baby really likes to keep her legs crossed. Or maybe she was showing us for calling her a boy for so long! Either way we are over the moon excited!! I have started shopping for clothes and a nursery... And I don't know how I will ever be able to stop! I have so many projects planned and often lay out all her clothes on the couch just so I can look at how cute they are. I have major problems. ; ) Knowing it's a girl totally made me feel different than I did when I thought it was a boy. First of all, my love for this babe basically was bursting out of me. I will never forget the love I felt for her that night after we found out. All of a sudden everything was so real. Taylor & I also felt so much more responsibility for some reason. Girls are sensitive, delicate, & Taylor started taking on the role of protective dad. I just want her to always be happy and know how loved she is. 

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