Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 20

I hit 20 weeks {two weeks ago- oops} on March 8th while in Hawaii. Officially HALFWAY! Yay! I feel like my due date is coming up so fast. I still have so much to do! In a way it feels like it will be here tomorrow. Then other times it feels like it's forever away and I just can't wait to snuggle this little baby in my arms!
::18 weeks::
::19 weeks::
::20 weeks::
I could stare at this picture all day. Her little nose! Her lips! Her hand by her face {like this in almost every picture we have of her}! Major heart eyes over here. The technician taking these pictures told me she has my nose because it's more pointy. HAha- okaaaay... I will take it though. : ) pointy nose and all.

How Far Along? 20 weeks Weight Gain: Boy has the weight really started to come on. Holy cow. My belly has tripled over night I think, and my hips are growing at about that same pace. I think I need to start being really careful about what I'm eating so I don't gain 80 pounds by the end. I am having a hard time fitting into ANY of my skirts that don't have an elastic waist. I have about 4 on rotation that I wear to work every week. I will need to invest in some new ones before the end. I feel huge now but I know it is only just beginning. Maternity Clothes? I have one pair of maternity pants, still fit into two of my regular ones, but barely. Everyone says I'm carrying low so not only is it tight around my butt and legs, but there is no way I get even close to buttoning any of my normal pants. I just wish I could wear leggings to work everyday. ;) I also have a couple shirts, but still can fit into a bunch I already had. I am just getting nervous about stretching everything out so I will have nothing left when I have the baby! I did find a cute swimsuit that I felt somewhat presentable in for Hawaii. I'm crossing my fingers it still fits when the baby is here. I think it will but it's hard for me to tell since I can't even remember what size and shape I was before being pregnant. Sleep? I am tired all of the time. I could sleep all day. Coming back from Hawaii with jetlag to daylight savings was a doozy, then add on a full week of parent teacher conferences I don't think I have ever been so exhausted in my whole life! I have been dreaming of taking naps all week.  Best moment this week? Seeing baby girl at our 20 week appointment! I am always super nervous going into ultrasound appointments. I don't know why. I think I just want everything to go okay. I am always so relieved when we see her on the screen and see her heart beating away. I think it is because I haven't felt her a ton, so I always worry something is wrong. I don't know. Irrational. The doctors said everything is looking perfect and she is measuring right on schedule! On the screen I think it said I was actually a day behind but I don't think that matters? We got some good pictures including the on above. I just love seeing her. I wish I had my own machine so I could watch her everyday. Weird pregnancy moment? Swollen ankles!!! After I got off the plane coming home from Hawaii I couldn't even see the bones in my ankle... It was the weirdest thing. It took until the next day for them to go down. Swollen ankles is in my genes, so with teaching school all day I think I have a lot more of that coming. Food Cravings: The biggest news this week is that my hankering for snow cones FINALLY got quenched! Hawaii did not disappoint me in that, and I think I had about 5 through out the week. I could have had more if it was closer. I also have been craving them like crazy every since I got home. So basically it needs to be summer real quick so I can get my fix! Also I bought a bag of chewy sprees- my favorite candy- and I can't stop eating them. Anything sour I love right now. Anything Making You Queasy? Nothing! I can't think of anything out of the ordinary I won't eat lately. Gender: Still a GIRL! Even after we found out there was a part of me thinking it could be a boy still... So the first thing I did when I went to my 20 week appointment was ask them to make sure it was a girl. They did. : ) What I'm looking forward to: Her being here! I told my principal last week that I will not be returning next year. Taylor accepted a new job that has provided me the opportunity to stay home with our baby. It is such a blessing and I feel so lucky to have this chance, as I know a lot of people don't. I'm grateful he works so hard for us and everything has worked out the way it has. Now let's hope the last 20 weeks go by as fast as the first!! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


For Christmas from the Meeks we got a trip to Hawaii. It was for March 6th so the anticipation was killer but also half of the fun! Getting work off for a whole week was difficult and writing full blown sub plans was the worst, and coming back to parent teacher conferences the first day was rough... But it was all worth it! We stayed at a house which was amazing and right on Kekaha beach that is only there for half of the year. After beach hopping for a few days it proved to be our favorite one! Lucky us! The first morning we all woke up early because of jet lag and Taylor and I went and walked along the beach. I wish I could start every morning like that. Amazing! 

I am OBSESSED with these flower plants. I want to figure out some kind of way to take them home and plant them in my yard...

Three of us in our Albion Swimsuits! Too bad my in-laws have such rocking bods! My pregnant body looks more like a whale next to them! {Insert Emoji laugh/cry guy}
The whole week was filled with so much fun and relaxation. We hiked Waimea Canyon- my favorite activity of the trip! It was breath taking! 

We kayaked then hiked to Secret Falls. This was so gorgeous too but my arms literally were going to fall off by the end! Such a good arm workout. 

We went on a boat ride to see the Napali coast. I got carsick a lot in Hawaii, i think it was the mixture of being in a van (I always get sick in vans) and being pregnant. So I was a little worried about going on a boat ride, but thought I would be safe since I have been on a cruise and didn't get sick. HA! Boy was I wrong. I was find the first third of our trip. As long as we were moving I didn't get sick. We saw so many dolphins, whales, manatees, sea turtles, seals. It was incredible. Then. The boat stopped moving, and we started rocking sideways as the waves came. And I was sick from there on out. I barfed out the back- something extremely rare for me! I have only barfed once my whole pregnancy. Then I sat facing backwards with my head down in my arms the rest of the ride. If I was closing my eyes and couldn't see, I felt better. There were about 4 others in the family who also barfed and joined me in the back. It's pretty comical now that it's over. But being sick for more than half of a 4 hour boat ride is miserable! Not sure if I'll ever do that again. : )

We rented vespas for two days to explore the island on. This was also my favorite part. I love riding vespas and just riding wherever I want. It was so much fun!
The last day we went snuba diving. I was so scared to do this because I am pretty scared of water and all things fish. So it took a little bit for me to actually go all the way underwater with my snuba mask. But I have to say it was so cool! We went so early on a cloudy day so it was freezing by the end, but I am so glad I did it! I even got to see a mini octopus and have it stick to my arm. Crazy. 

I think the best, most enjoyable part of our whole trip was getting snow cones at JoJos! Snowcones have been my number one craving this pregnancy, of course during December-March where I can't get any real ones! So it's safe to say I had at least 5 while I was there and could have gone for more. They were amazing. Blue Raspberry forever. 
I hit TWENTY weeks while we were there!

I also am noticing how much I said 'amazing' in this post. Ever since the Jimmy Kimmel Bachelor episode I'm conscious of how much I saw it... But it is the only way to properly portray how AMAZING this trip really was. ; ) I'm already saving my pennies so Taylor and I will be able to go back someday! HUGE thanks to the Meeks for taking us on such an incredible trip!