Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 24

How Far Along? 24 weeks Weight Gain: I saw a new number on the scale at this week’s doctor’s appointment. I have never seen a number that high in my life. So.. That was fun. Maternity Clothes? Shirts I can still fit into some non maternity. I have one pair of pants that fit me buttoned, and one I can wear with an elastic. At this point knit dresses are going to be my best friend I think. Sleep? I sleep great! Usually wake up to pee once or twice, and am hungry around 4:30 am. Sometime I eat, sometimes I can hold off. I wish I had more time for naps Best moment this week? Feeling this babe kick! I wasn’t nervous going into this appointment at all because I am feeling her so hard and consistently I knew she was at least still in there! Taylor felt her for the first time laying on my belly she kicked him right in the head! It was awesome. Then last night he pressed on my belly three times for ‘I love you’ and right when he finished she kicked or punched right at his hand. It was so sweet. And a little weird. I can’t believe I have something living and growing inside of me. Weird pregnancy moment? I am just super forgetful lately. If it’s not written down chances are I won’t remember it! Food Cravings: I have been wanting hard boiled eggs for a while now… And pizza. As usual. Cookie dough has been the biggest craving these past few weeks so I went and got some cookie dough ice cream to eat. And a whole pizza while Taylor was at guy’s night… Good thing I’m staying super healthy! Anything Making You Queasy? Nope! Gender: Still a GIRL! What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting into some kind of place to live! It is really starting to stress me out. I know it will work out. But I’m in such a huge nesting mood right now, I’m ready to get going! I have been making headbands and pillows like crazy and just any little thing I can make to put into her nursery that doesn’t exist yet. I will feel much better once we have something. We’re down to 3 and a half months! AHH!