Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 28

How Far Along? 28 weeks Weight Gain: Yes. That might be all I can say from here on out... {insert monkey covering eye face emoji} Maternity Clothes? I officially can no longer wear my black jeans. Not even with the rubber band trick... So I need some of those. Dresses I'm still okay. I have a few shirts, but for the most part I'm just trying to wear leggings as much as possible right when I get home from work. Wish I could wear them while at work... Sleep? Lately I can't get enough sleep. On the weekends it's a miracle if I'm up past 9. Week days I'm usually up later, but could sleep forever. I am getting up to pee 2-3 times/night I swear Best moment this week? Glucose test! Call me crazy but I thought it was a piece of cake. All I had heard was terrible things about it but I didn't have a problem whatsoever. It's not something I want to drink everyday- but I didn't think it was that bad. Also- I'm officially in the THIRD TRIMESTER! Wahoo! Weird pregnancy moment? HORMONES. Holy cow. They have hit in full force. I don't even know how to handle them. One minute I'm so overwhelmed with how happy and blessed I am that I just feel like I might explode, and the next I'm in tears stressed and anxious about things {GETTING A HOUSE} that I can't control but know will work out just fine. It is the craziest and most annoying thing. I usually have a hard time handling hormones, but pregnancy hormones are something else! They started last week and I think they're here to stay. I'm scared for how they are after baby comes... Crossing my fingers now I don't turn into an absolute crazy person! Food Cravings: Toast! Oranges! Otter Pops! Hard Boiled Eggs! I have at least one piece of toast everyday. Usually at 2:30 am. Then again when I wake up lets get real. I also have single handedly almost eaten through an entire bag of otter pops. There's no stopping me they sound so good all the time Anything Making You Queasy? No Gender: Still a GIRL! What I'm looking forward to: I have my first shower in a month! Can't wait for that. And Taylor got me a rocker for my very first mother's day! It's all starting to get very real the closer we get! I just want my baby girl here! But it's a good thing I still have time because I have so so much more to do. I can't wait to put together a nursery- even if it doesn't happen until after she's here. Please pray we find a house or get into a two bedroom apartment! {Am I repetitive enough here?} Hoping to get a lot done my next week and a half off track! My last official break before the end of school!