Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 36

::36 Weeks::
Clearly I forgot week 30 and 32. Oops. Also, this picture above was taken on June 26. Officially one month before my due date!

How Far Along? 36 weeks {Oops, it's been a while} Weight Gain: Yikes. Maternity Clothes? I am running out of clothes. I have a bunch of dresses I rotate through. If I wear pants to work I die of heat. It is 101 degrees outside and probably not much lower than that in my classroom! I basically die everyday. Good thing there is only 4 more days of school! Sleep? I sleep great! About once a week I pass out at about 8 pm and am out until morning. I wake up about 2-3 times to pee, but usually don't have a hard time falling back asleep luckily. Best moment this week? We bought a house! I hope I A) never have to buy a house again! or B) don't have to buy a house while pregnant. I am so hormonal and stressed- add on trying to get a house and I have been a disaster for over a month. Yikes. Poor Taylor. I think if I wasn't pregnant getting a house wouldn't have been a problem. Or I would be able to handle emotions better. But it's a weird thing when I am having nesting instincts and can't do anything. I started seriously freaking out from stress and anxiety. Clearly I am not good at handling the unknown while pregnant. It doesn't help that right now I'm a ticking time bomb with this baby. Everything worked out so amazing though. In my head I knew it would, but I just became overcome with all these crazy emotions! Hopefully the worst is over? I don't know if me or Taylor can survive anymore crazy Kelsie. Weird pregnancy moment? Baby's movements have become so strong over the last few weeks. She will kick or move and sometimes it actually hurts! She's definitely running out of room in there. I just need her to stay cooking for a little longer so I can finish school and move into a house in two weeks! Food Cravings: Same things. Toast, pizza, and otter pops mostly. Anything Making You Queasy? No Gender: Still a GIRL! What I'm looking forward to: Being able to prepare everything fully for her to come! I washed all her clothes today, and will start packing this week. Once we are moved in I will feel so good because everything will have a place again! I have felt so disorganized with all her things in boxes in the tops of closets. I can't wait to make our new house a home.