Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 39

How Far Along? 39 weeks!! I can't believe I'm so close Weight Gain: Yikes. I am enjoying my last week of pregnancy where I have an excuse to eat everything and anything I want. Because that's ending real soon. Maternity Clothes? Basically my outfits consist of some kind of sweat shorts/leggings and one of Taylor's shirts. I wore one of mine to run some errands the other day and came home and I guess it started to creep up and Taylor took one look at me and said 'You went out wearing that?!' Sooo no more of my shirts for me I guess! Sleep? I'm still sleeping good- thankfully! I am still waking up 2-3 times to pee but it's okay. Also my hands have been falling asleep every night, and my shoulder hurts by morning. But it could be worse. Best moment this week? Moving into our new house! I love love looooove it! I had my and baby's hospital bag packed just incase moving put me into labor. No such luck. Which really is a good thing because I was able to get us all unpacked and moved in in just a couple days. I think I would have died if i went into labor and our house wasn't unpacked because either it wouldn't get done for a while or someone else would do it and I'm a little particular about where things go and I think I would have gone crazy. So it was a good thing I got to finish. But also if packing up a whole classroom, packing up a whole apartment, moving, and unpacking a whole house doesn't put me into labor, I'm afraid nothing will. Weird pregnancy moment? Not knowing if I'm having contractions or not. I don't think I am. My doctor said he thought I had one while I was being checked. Maybe I just don't know what they are. All I do know is I've never wished for pain so much in my life. Every time I get a little pain I get so excited thinking it'll be contractions, but it never is. Also if one more person due after me has their baby before me I think I'll go insane. This last month has been soo long, but I think the last 5 days have been eternity! Also I have been dilated to a 1 for two weeks now. So annoying. I have an appointment today and am hoping I've progressed at least a little! I did get my membranes stripped last week but so far that hasn't made a difference. Food Cravings: Oranges, PEACHES, grapes, or anything kind of sour. Anything Making You Queasy? No Gender: Still a GIRL! What I'm looking forward to: Having this baby! I am getting induced on Thursday, so if she doesn't come before- for sure by then. It is making me so excited and a little nervous. Ready or not, she's coming THIS WEEK! also- Sleeping on my stomach!!!!! Come on, baby girl! We are SO ready to meet you!

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