Saturday, August 22, 2015

One Month Old

Olive June is one month old!! HOW did that happen. And why doesn't pregnancy go by that fast? The days seem to stand still and I am starting to get out of the newborn fog where all we do is sit and hold her all day, but it still went by fast looking back now. And my baby already looks so big to me. Time is such a bittersweet thing. I am excited to watch her grow but at the same time I want her to stay my tiny baby forever. Is that too much to ask??

At one month Olive:
-Is so alert! I love when her eyes are open and all the cute facial expressions she makes, especially when she puckers her lips. I can't help but kiss them!
-Sleeps really well at night (usually...) feeding every 3ish hours.
-Takes the best and longest naps while we are out and about.
-Has the softest cry unless I am sucking the boogers from her nose or am taking too long to feed her.
-Has had really bad baby acne that is hopefully on its way out now.
-Sometimes will be fussy until you lay her on the floor then she is fine. She just needs to chill alone sometimes- I get that.
-Is starting to lift her head up more and more, it's pretty big though so it's a challenge.
-Toots SO loud. She did it in relief society on my second Sunday at church ever. It was so embarrassing! It is pretty stinky too.
-At her 2 week appointment she was 8 lb 10 oz, head was in the 97th percentile (got that big head from mom), and was 21 inches long still. She gained 10 oz in a week and a half, so clearly she is a good eater.
-Looks just like dad. He will argue and say mom, but everyone agrees. Even people who don't know us very well can see it. It's what I prayed for for 9  months so I'm not really that surprised she looks like him.
-Has a serious expression on her face a lot but will smile occasionally, not sure if it's on purpose or gas : )
-Is already looking so big to me. It breaks my heart.
-If I am carrying her in front of me, like holding her head and her bum in my hands, and I am walking down the stairs she will flail her arms out like she is falling.
-Has the cutest tiny cry, and will do a little yell/shout if we are taking too long to feed or hold her.
-Projectile poops quite a bit if we aren't paying attention. We have learned to wait a bit after wiping her incase more comes out.
-Spits up if she does tummy time after eating.
-Gets the hiccups at least once a day, usually more.
-Is starting to find her voice and will make little noises.
-Laughs in her sleep all the time, also makes sad faces like she's having bad dreamies.
-Is the best baby! I keep thinking about how in trouble her siblings are because she has set the bar so high. ; )

-Loves bathtime, the carseat, going outside, riding in the car, eating, getting her diaper changed, having her hands free from the swaddle, background noise, when mom and dad sing to her at night to go to sleep
-Doesn't love: taking a binkie (working on it), getting boogers sucked, not having a blanket on (her lip quivers if she is uncovered), getting lotioned, wiping her face with a wet rag

We are so in love with our little baby. I don't know what we ever did before her. We are so lucky she's ours!

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