Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: I put Olive in her first 0-3 month outfit this week. It was pretty huge on her, but it still made me so sad. She is growing too fast! 2:: She LOVES bath time and being outside. She just lays in the water while we hold her and she can't get enough. If she is ever fussy I take her outside and she immediately stops and just looks around. 3:: She has been cluster feeding. She will forget she's hungry for a few hours, then wants to eat every hour for a few hours. It's helping her get chubby cheeks! 4:: She always puckers her lips, especially when she is trying to wake up. It is the cutest thing ever! 5:: She smiles and laughs in her sleep a lot, but she has started doing little smiles while awake too! 6:: When I burp her I hold onto her jaw and pat her back in my lap. She always sticks her arms straight out like a zombie and it's hilarious. Her face being burped is one of my favorite things on this earth! 7:: She has been getting an upset stomach a lot lately which is sad. The other night she pooped all over her swing, outfit, blanket.. It was everywhere. Motherhood is awesome. : ) 8:: She still hates her binky. I'm hoping that'll change! 9:: She lost her belly button yesterday. 10:: She is still sleeping so good at night. I am hoping that stays too. : )

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