Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: Olive frequently forgets to breathe and I hear sudden gasps of breath, and she always chokes while nursing so we have to take a break. Everytime she is trying to catch her breath she sticks her arms out, throws her head back, and does these small single coughs. It used to freak me out and now I think it's adorable. 2:: When I was pregnant she would get the hiccups all the time, and now nothing has changed. She gets them at least 2-3 times per day. 3:: She LOVES going outside. I always try to go on a walk with her everyday, which usually results in her falling asleep. If she is ever fussy at night, we just go outside and sit on the porch with her and she calms right down and will usually fall asleep. Good thing she's a summer baby! 4:: The only time she is fussy is when she cries or if she is gassy, which has happened a few times and I just figured out I think it bugs her when I eat chocolate. So no more chocolate for me which is fine because I don't like chocolate that much anyway. Hopefully it will help her stomach feel better. 5:: She has had a rough week with her face. She had goopy eyes this last week, and they seem to be getting better now. Poor thing they look so sad when she wakes up from a nap. 6:: She also started getting little baby zits, and someone told me to just pick the top off. Bad idea. Now she has two sores on her face. So someone else suggested I get a certain type of lotion to get rid of zits. So I have been using it for two days now and it has made her acne so much worse! I feel so bad. Hopefully the lotion starts helping? I don't know if it caused her zits to get worse or if it would have happened anyway. 7:: She has basically put herself on a schedule. She is a dream baby, seriously! She wakes up usually around 5 or 6 am, is up for maybe an hour, goes back to sleep until around 9 am. Then is up for a few hours, maybe takes another hour nap. Around 12 or 1 pm, she will go to sleep and usually sleeps until 4. Then she is up until around 9 for bedtime, with maybe another little nap somewhere in there. She wakes up usually 2-3 times per night and falls back to sleep when she is done eating. I don't know how we got such a good baby. 8:: She went to Cherry Hill one night last week with me and Taylor's family. Neither of us could swim or do anything, but she loved sitting outside for a few hours! 9:: Taylor and I celebrated our third anniversary last weekend, and got his mom to babysit Olive for a few hours while we went to park city. I was so not wanting to leave her, but I'm glad we got away for a bit. It was so fun. And we mostly talked about her the whole time. : ) 10:: She is wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing now. Breaks my heart! Stop growing little baby!

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