Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: A few days this week she was much more fussy than normal. Which really isn't a lot- she is just usually such an angel that it was more noticeable. If she is fussy it is almost always because she has to poop. Or that she is so tired and doesn't know what to do. 2:: We took her to church for the second time after her being an angel and sleeping the entire time last week, and right when we walked into sacrament meeting (late- someone decided to poop three times right as we were leaving!) she started crying. So I stood up and walked right back out. She fell right asleep, of course. 3:: She actually took a binkie for me today!! I am trying so hard to get her to be a binkie baby, hopefully I can wear her down and she will take it willingly. 4:: The other morning she sneezed like 50 times. Taylor and I were concerned she was allergic to something but she has stopped doing it so much. 5:: I squeezed her into her take home outfit for the last time today. I am totally in denial that I have to pack them up. Who told her she could grow up??

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