Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two Months Old

I blink and another month has passed! Breaks my heart a little bit but this month she became so much more interactive- she is so fun! 

At two months Olive:
-Is chunky! She has rolls for days and they are so cute. She weighs 12 lbs 11.5 oz!
-Doesn't have baby acne anymore! It went away around the time of her blessing and except for a few here and there it is gone! Hallelujah!
-Is starting to sleep longer stretches. The other night she went down at 9, then I came home and fed her at 10, then she didn't feed again until 5 am!
-Is a teenager. She usually will sleep in until 10 or 11! (with a feeding aroun 7 or 8 am)
-Loves to be bounced to sleep, Taylor calls it the daddy jump because we seriously jump and run around, but it gets the job done. I should probably be teaching her to fall asleep on her own now...
-Likes her carseat still, but doesn't fall asleep in it very easily anymore unless in the stroller or on the freeway.
-Is so interactive! She will turn to look at us when we are talking.
-Is such a wiggle worm! It took a few minutes to get her weight at the doctor's because she does not sit still.
-Blows mini bubbles all the time
-Loves sucking on her hand. Hates binkies but will take her and all day long!
-Has nails that grow like crazy. I seriously have to cut them once or twice a week.
-Still gets the hiccups everyday.
-Is still rocking the baby mullet. I think she's getting a little bit more hair but it's hard to tell...
-Gave us her first real laugh! I am so happy I caught it on video I watch it all the time.
-Is such a happy baby! Especially when she first wakes up, she is all smiles.

-Loves bathtime, going outside, riding in the car, breastfeeding, being unswaddled, sucking on her hand, her swing, sleeping in on mom and dad's bed, when mom and dad put her to sleep, softies, bathtime, stretching after a nap, when mom and dad sing to her
-Doesn't love: getting her boogers sucked, bottles, binkies, being cold, getting her face cleaned with a rag, being tired

Our baby is growing up before our eyes and we couldn't love her anymore!

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