Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: Taylor and I have a baby teenager. She may not sleep through the night, but she does sleep in until 11! I had to wake her up twice this week at 10 am so we could go somewhere. 2:: She did her first real laugh this week! It was a total fluke and she hasn't done it since, but luckily I had my phone out and recorded it! I tickled her and tried to make her smile and she laughed. 3:: She is definitely ticklish but she doesn't quite know what to do yet. I think we will be getting a lot more laughs here in the next few weeks. 4:: When she breathes in her sleep she does this little double gasp thing then a big sigh. It is so cute. 5:: She turned 2 months this week! My newborn is disappearing but she is becoming more and more fun. It's bittersweet. 6:: She got her two month shots. Two in her left leg, one in her right, and she swallowed one. She was way more brave than I was. her face turned super red and she screamed but calmed down fast and I fed her then she was fine. She was an angel all day too. I was nervous she would be super fussy but she wasn't. 7:: She still is being a stinker with naps. I am trying really hard to get her to stay asleep when she is laying down because lately she will wake up after 20 minutes. 8:: On Sunday I woke her up at 7:30, then she fell asleep right when we got to church at 9, stayed asleep the entire time, woke up right when we got home at 12, then went back to bed at 2 pm until 6!! It was an awesome napping day, I just wish she could do that everyday because I know she needs it she is just a stinker sometimes and wants to play instead of sleep. : )

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