Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: We found out this week Olive will mostly only go to bed for mom and dad. She will cry for someone, then we will hold her and she will be out within minutes. 2:: She also has been boycotting naps for the past few days. She has been cat napping for 20-30 minutes here and there but will keep waking up when I put her down. 3:: She usually loves her carseat and falls asleep immediately, but today she cried the whole time she was in it. She cried the whole time we were at the store too. She is just so tired that she gets fussy but she won't sleep. 4:: Luckily she is sleeping good at night still. Until about 5 am. Then she wakes up for a bit. I am able to go back to sleep with her for an hour when she decides to fall back to sleep luckily. 5:: Whenever she needs to poop she starts squirming around and fussing a little. That is usually what is waking her up at 5 am. Then when she finally poops she grunts and gets red in the face. It is so loud and smelly it's rather impressive coming from a girl so small. 6:: She got blessed this past Sunday and was an angel during it. 

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