Thursday, October 22, 2015

Three Months Old

A quarter of the way to a year! How is time going so fast??

At three months Olive:
-Loves to eat! Sometimes she is super loud too. Makes me laugh.
-Still has the quietest cry. It is so sweet and sounds like a fake baby cry. She can cry loud, but it doesn't happen often.
-Loves long car rides and sleeps almost the whole time.
-Doesn't mind when mom leans over her carseat to feed her so we don't have to stop.
-Holds her head up so good!
-Is getting better at tummy time, would probably be great at it if mom made her do it more.
-Loves sophie giraffe and looking at her knitted mermaid and bunny toys when they rattle.
-Loves her space and sometimes just needs to lay on the floor and hang out by herself for a while.
-Sleeps 9pm-9am and wakes up twice to eat, once if mom is lucky. : )
-Is getting so long, it looks like she is almost out growing her swing!
-Loves to talk a lot, and make shapes with her mouth when you are talking to her.
-Loves giving everyone cheeser smiles, even people we pass at stores.
-Will smile and laugh when laying down, but won't give you the time of day if you're holding her.
-Loves to be held on the shoulder so she can look around and be a big girl.
-Practices standing all day on laps.
-Loves to be held sitting on someone's lap, facing forward.
-Calms right down whenever we go outside.
-Took her first real vacation to St. George.
-Is a terrible napper, even while being held sometimes.
-Missed mom while she had a kidney infection and couldn't feed her.
-Is a huge daddy's girl and gets so excited when he comes home.
-Kicks her feet fast when we walk over to pick her up from her swing.
-Toots so loud all the time. She usually toots herself awake in the mornings.
-Still gets the hiccups all the time.
-Is still so good when getting her diaper changed.
-May be starting to teethe, she is so drooly and never stops sucking and chewing on her hands.
-Is in size 1 diapers and 0-3 clothing.
-Is so smiley in the mornings!

Loves: taking baths, going on walks or runs in the stroller, wearing socks to keep her toes warm, looking at the tv when it is on, watching the fan, talking to mom and dad, getting tickled, eating, smiling, playing without any pants on, the car, sleeping at night.
Doesn't love: getting too hungry or tired, bottles, sitting in a wet or poopy diaper, napping.

I will probably always thing time is going fast, but I feel like it is passing before my eyes. My newborn is an infant!

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