Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: I always stress when someone else watches Olive because I worry she won't eat from the bottle. My parents watched her on Friday night and she ate 4 oz! I was so relieved. 2:: She is starting to laugh more, especially when I hold or feed her on my left side she starts smiling and giggling. 3:: She is also starting to talk and coo more. When I talk to her she makes noises and opens her mouth like she wants to talk too. 4:: She LOVES her sophie giraffe. She chews on it all the time. She drools a lot too I wonder if she might be starting to teethe. 5:: We went to Muller Park to walk around the fall leaves and she loved it. 6:: During conference she loved President Monson's voice. She looked at him the entire time. 

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