Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: Olive is the biggest daddy's girl. She always gives him the best giggles! She is starting to laugh more for me now too. 2:: Her nails grow so fast I have to cut them 1-2 times per week or she will scratch everything, including her face. 3:: She is so smiley! She is starting to smile at other people when they see her at a store too. Such a cheeser. She is the most smiliest in the morning. 4:: She is so ticklish, and laughs more and more when we tickle her! She is most ticklish on the bottoms of her feet, under her arms, under her chin, and her thighs. 5:: She went swimming for the first time while we were in St. George. It wasn't super warm, but she loved it! Her face looked so unimpressed the whole time though. 6:: She will laugh if she is laying down, but if you're holding her it is almost impossible to get her to laugh. 7:: She slept all the way from Layton to Beaver when we were heading to St. George. The car is a magic sleeping machine for her!

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