Sunday, November 22, 2015

Four Months Old

At four months Olive:
-Is 25.5 inches tall (87%), 15 pounds 13 ounces (79%), and her head is 17.25 inches (99%).
-Chews on her hands all day, every day.
-Will reach for my hand if it's by her face and shove it into her mouth.
-Is almost able to roll from her back to her stomach.
-Still isn't a huge fan of tummy time but can at least hold her head up better.
-Is on a better schedule, naps two hours after waking up, then again a few hours after that.
-Is able to nap laying down now like a champ.
-Laughs so hard at Smith and Ivy.
-Has the prettiest blue eyes.
-Thinks dad is the funniest person ever.
-Sometimes likes to be up from 2-5am.
-Is getting more hair! It's coming in pretty blonde.
-Sneezes all the time.
-Is grabbing everything! She loves playing with her play mat.
-Still loves the car!
-Loves nana to babysit her, probably because she holds her while she naps.
-Giggles at mom when she sings and dances.
-Looks exactly like dad. Dad said at least we know he will be cute bald. Haha.
-Goes to bed at 8:00 pm on the dot every night.
-Love bathtime. We finally took her out of the sink and have her bathe in our bath, she loves to kick
-Has pretty goopy eyes, they are closed shut when she wakes up a lot and tear throughout the day.
-Has dry skin like mom and dad so we have to put aquaphor on her arms and legs.
-Drools and chews on her hands allll day looooong. Totally teething.
-Is waking up 2-3 times a night again. Yikes.
-Still sleeps in her rock and play. I don't want to bite the bullet and sleep train yet. I know I need to though.
-Likes to sit in her bumbo.
-Loves the outdoors! Even in the snow. She will fall asleep in her carrier if we are outside.
-Is the best little errands running partner.
-Coos and talks all day long.
-Is a total champ when it comes to getting shots.
-Can officially not fit into 0-3 month clothing.
-Loves holding teething toys and chewing on them.
-Is almost too big for her swing. She will scoot down so her legs and bum are almost hanging off. I gotta keep an eye on her while she's in there.
-Is a good sport at getting her boogers sucked now.
-Is so so so happy in the mornings. Nothing but smiles from her.
-Is starting to smile and laugh at other people besides mom and dad.
-Is such an angel baby!

Loves- mom and dad, car rides, sitting so she can see what's going on, playing with her toys, watching kids run around, being tickled, sung to in loud voices, bathing, chewing on her or mom and dad's hands.
Doesn't love- getting lotioned down, being tired, getting her nightgowns on, binkies.

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