Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: Olive is getting to be so much fun! Emily watched her for a couple hours the other day for me, and when I got back and Olive saw me she squealed! It totally made my whole day. She is also starting to squeal when she laughs. 2:: She is OBSESSED with her toes. Any chance she can get she is grabbing them and rolling to her side. When I take her socks and pants off she loves it the best. 3:: She has also moved on to just sucking on two fingers. Most of the time. They are always in her mouth. 4:: I think she is getting more hair. It may just be positive thinking, but it seems like it sometimes. I also think it is coming in pretty blonde. 5:: She was so cute on Halloween! She was so giggly and happy the whole time we walked around trick-or-treating with Ivy. It was so cute. 6:: Daylight savings has messed her up. I thought it would be perfect since I usually have to wake her up to go to church, but she decided to wake up at 6 on Sunday. She is also wanting to go to sleep earlier too. I think it is evening out again, hopefully. I liked her schedule before. : ) 7:: She is still not a great napper. I finally got her to sleep the other night at 6:30 for a nap and she ended up staying asleep until 7:30 am! She woke twice to eat but stayed asleep for the most part. She is still waking twice to eat at night and it is getting old! I don't know how to get her to go back to only waking once, but I am so tired everyday. 8:: I also am having her practice sitting in her bumbo. She does pretty good and looks so big! 9:: She is starting to grab things. When she is playing on her playmat she will start reaching and grabbing the mirror. She also kicks things on purpose. 10:: She is starting to wearing 3-6 month clothes. 0-3 still fit her okay, but they were getting tight and she needs warmer clothes which is in the 3-6 months section of her closet. It is always so sad when she moves up a size in clothes. She is growing so fast!

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