Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: We have a chatter box on our hands. She talks so loud all day long. Especially when we're in the car. She also forms shapes with her mouth when I talk to her, like she wants to talk back to me. 2:: Whenever I give her kisses she will turn her head and open her mouth to give me kisses back. 3:: Daylight savings really messed her up. She has been waking up much earlier than usual, around 7-7:30 which isn't bad but isn't ideal either. She also wants to go to bed closer to 8:00 pm. 4:: She is almost rolling over from back to stomach, she will twist her body around but can't quite make it over. 5:: She is getting so much better at taking a bottle. If she is hungry enough, she will take it no problem. I always tell people if she won't take it it's because she's not hungry. It has really made it easier for me to leave her with people.

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