Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: Olive hates the snow. She likes to look at it, but I laid her down in it and her hand touched the snow and she started crying so hard! 2:: I think she is allergic to oatmeal in lotion. I used the Aveeno Excema cream I used on her face when she was little that made her have a horrible I thought was just baby acne, and it did the same thing to her belly. I know not to use that anymore. 3:: She HATES riding in the car when it is dark. She never cries in the car, but the moment it gets dark she just cries and cries. I usually have to go sit by her. Shining the flashlight on my phone works or I mostly let her watch videos I have of her on my phone and she calms down. 4:: She got to be baby Jesus in the nativity and she did so good. Didn't make a peep! 5:: Taylor graduated this weekend and she was such a good girl during his ceremony. She didn't get good naps though, and didn't go to bed for Shauna when we went to the Jazz game so she slept for 2 hours then again for 3.5 hours on Saturday! Tired girl. 6:: She looked so cute in her Christmas outfit at church. She has such a hard time though because she never gets to nap and is ornery. 

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