Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekly Update

1:: On Christmas she slept in until 9:30. Best gift she could have given us! 2:: I took her to the daycare at the gym. First time anyone outside of family has watched her. I was so stressed the whole time, even though I know she is fine. I just hope she doesn't get sick... And I need to go to 9 am classes. When I go at 10 am she is ready for a nap so she is more ornery. 3:: Her skin is SO dry lately. If I don't use a humidifier every night and put lotion, coconut oil, aquaphor, and hydrocortisone on her every morning and night she breaks out into a red rash and her skin feels like sand paper. 4:: She is so close to sitting up! Just a little wobbly. It breaks my heart a little bit. 5:: Her eyes are so blue lately and she has the longest eye lashes! They're light but so pretty. 

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