Friday, January 1, 2016


2015 was one for the books! I don't know how any year will ever top this one...

We announced we were pregnant.
Made a new years resolution to have a baby : )

Celebrated Taylor's 25th birthday

Went shopping in Park City for Valentine's Day.

Found out we were having a GIRL!


Spent an amazing week in Kauai.

Taylor started his new job at Highmark Construction.

Started making lots of bows for the little miss.

And preparing the nursery gallery wall.

Celebrated my first mother's day.

Put an offer on a house but didn't get it.

Started the two month until baby count down!

 Had my first baby shower thrown by my best friend, Haley.

Second baby shower with the Meek family.

Ate enough otter pops to keep them in business.

Baby shower at Liz's house with the McDonald fam.

Threw Whitney a bachelorette party dinner in Provo.

Celebrated Taylor's first father's day.

Put an offer on a second house. After going back and forth a few times we GOT IT!

Went to lunch with Miranda who is due 4 days before me.

Feeling HUGE.

Went to Whitney's wedding. So hot but so pretty.

I was counting down until July for forever and it finally came!!

Spending a lot of time outside eating popsicles.

Last day of teaching 5th grade.

Signing our life away writing the down payment on our house.

Packing up our whole apartment.

Chelsee's baby shower. Due two months after me!

New house!

One last temple trip before baby.

Last belly pic. On the way to get induced!

Olive June Meek. The best day of our lives.

A million pictures a day of this baby girl.

Lots and lots of baby snuggles.

First family outing! We lasted twenty minutes. : )

Of love tournament.

First smile!

Had my first night out at the Mom Stomp!

Baby's first swim.

Celebrated our 3rd anniversary.

Baby acne. I later found out she's allergic to aveeno eczema lotion.

Daddy's girl.


Taylor finished his first official project with Highmark.

Olive had her baby blessing.

Taylor Swift Concert!

First family hike.

My great uncle's 90th birthday.

Olive's first October.

Family walk up Muller Park.

Celebrated my 24th birthday.

Went to Logan for our friend's wedding.

Went to St. George and I was sick the whole time.

First (and probably last) pumpkin patch.

Our little Olive.

Lucy's baptism.

Fall leaves.

Ashton, Idaho.


First encounter with touching the snow. She hated it. Just like mom.

Taylor graduated!!!!!

All dressed up for Christmas Sunday.

Was baby Jesus in the Nativity.

Christmas Pajamas!

It was an amazing year. I know it only will keep getting better, but I am going to miss 2015. It was amazing. 

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