Friday, January 22, 2016

Six Months Old

At six months Olive:
-Is almost sitting up all the time without falling over.
-Will lay on the ground and play with a toy for a while.
-Is an awful sleeper and napper.
-Is getting more blonde hair.
-Has the bluest eyes! Only one is still goopy.
-Loves to breast feed but will take a bottle if it's formula.
-Weighs 17 lbs 15.5 oz (80%) Head 18 in (99%) Height 27.5 in (95%)
-Loves dad and gives him the best reaction when he comes home.
-Is so ticklish on he back, bum, lower belly, and under her chin.
-Loves bathtime and kicking her legs to splash.
-Has to use special lotion so her skin won't break out in rashes.
-Is starting to eat baby food.
-Squeals/screams all day. Her laugh always turns into a squeal.
-Is not sleep trained anymore. Now I'm trying to train her without being swaddled too. She already is terrible at sleeping lately what do I have to lose?
-Likes to run errands and be in her carseat.
-Is so serious around other people and won't crack a smile.
-Loves chewing on her hands and toes.
-Got her first baby pedicure.
-Loves to be outside and go on walks.
-Rolls everywhere all over the place.
-Will be totally fine in her bouncer watching me get ready.
-Is getting hard to change her diaper and get her dressed because she wants to roll all over.
-Gives kisses sometimes.
-Pulls my hair but will let go if I hold her hand and say 'Let go.'
-Falls asleep nursing for naps and bedtime. I try to keep her awake but it doesn't always happen.
-Got her shots and didn't cry very long.
-Is getting such a personality and I love her more everyday!

Likes: bathtime, nursing, being outside, rolling, sitting up, being big, standing, her jumper, chewing on her giraffes, talking, doing airplane in the air, apple sauce, breastmilk popsicles, getting her back tickled.
Doesn't like: getting dressed, falling asleep on her own, cuddling, sleeping, drops in her eyes, sweet potatoes.

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