Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive is doing pretty good sticking to a schedule lately. She will always always go down for a nap 2 hours after she wakes up in the morning. And she is always ready for bed at 8:00. The other afternoon naps are a little hard to nail down but that morning nap is set. And usually 1.5 hours. 2:: We went bowling on New Years Day. After a half hour Olive was ready for a nap. I wrapped her up and put my nursing cover over her and got her to sleep. She slept soundly the rest of the time. I was shocked. She won't stay asleep in my arms at church because the noise wakes her up but she will sleep in a super loud bowling alley?? 3:: We got called to teach sunbeams at church. It is almost impossible with a baby but Olive has been good. I have to leave sacrament each week to get her to nap in the mother's lounge with me so she will last the rest of the time. It isn't awesome but hopefully it gets better. 4:: She was getting these scratches on her hands and I couldn't figure out what it was from. It was only on her left hand, and so I cut her nails but that didn't help. I finally realized it was from the velcro on her swaddle when she tries to get her hands out. So I had to cover her hand with the extra piece of material. 5:: Her skin is SO dry. I have been using coconut oil, lotion, aquaphor and hydrocortisone every day and it is barely keeping it under control. I took her in and got her a prescription for 2.5% hydrocortisone and her pediatrician said to take zyrtec at night as well. So far it is helping a lot! I need to get her some cetaphil so I can stop doing the coconut oil. That is not fun to put on. 

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