Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: We started sleep training last weekend. It was not fun. Thursday night she cried for an hour and 15 minutes. I went in every 10 to let her know I was there. She slept amazing at night, only getting up once and sleeping in until 9:30. Friday night she cried for 45. Same thing she slept amazing. Saturday night she fell asleep in my arms before I could lay her down. She woke up twice. Sunday night she fell asleep in 4.5 minutes! It was awesome. When she is able to cry and fall asleep on her own she sleeps so much better. She is going down for naps pretty good too. I need to be better about having her ready to go to bed so she can get her self to sleep. If I wait too long she falls asleep while nursing. 2:: She has been pooping so good lately. She's had three blow outs in the past week and yesterday she pooped three times! Haha so gross but she's doing so much better. 3:: She has been trying to copy me when I make noises with my mouth. She also thinks it's hilarious and that's how I always know I can get her to laugh by smacking my lips together. 4:: We took family pictures outside and it was freezing. Olive didn't smile but she looked so cute in all of them. We knew it was time to go when she started turning blue. Oops. 5:: She is moving around so much. I laid her on her play mat and five minutes later she's half way across the room. Here we go...

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