Monday, February 22, 2016

Seven Months Old

At seven months Olive:
-Still has no teeth.
-Still doesn't have hardly any hair, although it is still slowly coming in.
-Rolls everywhere.
-Doesn't like to sit still.
-Wakes up a few times each night, I might be dying slowly.
-Isn't the best napper, it's so inconsistent.
-Loves bath time.
-Is a chatter box.
-Is getting the cutest sense of humor.
-Loves mom and dad best.
-Laughs hardest at dad.
-Is ticklish at the top of her legs, under her chin, and on her back and belly.
-Has the prettiest bluest eyes.
-Loves being outside and going on walks.
-Loves all food and puffs.
-Is mastering feeding herself and releasing the food into her mouth.
-Ends up under the couch a lot when she rolls.
-Got her first pedicure.
-Got sick for the first time, poor girly.
-Loves touching people's faces.
-Always grabs Taylor's hat from his head.
-Doesn't love strangers.
-Is pushing up and wants to crawl so bad.
-Rode in a shopping cart for the first time.

Loves: eating food, going on walks, mom and dad, bath time, watching cars
Hates: Being sick, sleeping, strangers, being lotioned

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