Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: I started giving her puffs and she loves them. I didn't realize I would have to teach her how to pick them up and put them in her mouth but I do and she is getting better. She still struggles with the release though. 2:: She will talk to me back and forth when I make noises to her. She copies my sounds. 3:: She sat up in a grocery cart this week. She wobbles a little bit but she loves being so big and looking around at everything. 4:: She is sleeping unswaddled now. It was actually a really smooth transition and she is even more of a teenager now with her arms and legs out. She does like her legs to be touching the bars of her crib which means they get stuck sometimes. Now if she would just start sleeping through the night... 5:: When she is eating and is ready for the next bite she will open her mouth and lean forward. She is the cleanest eater and doesn't make a mess at all.

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