Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Eight Months Old

At eight months Olive:
-Is a moving machine, she doesn't stay put for even a minute.
-Has stranger danger and will cry if she doesn't recognize you or if a man is talking to her.
-Had her first ear infection, and threw up four times.
-Spent the weekend with dad and slept at nana's house over night while mom was out of town.
-Takes a bottle like a champ, and gets really excited when she sees it.
-Is so good at feeding herself now, only struggles sometimes.
-Eats so many things, and finally had her first baby food bought from the store and loved it.
-Eats from squeeze packets so good.
-Talks back and forth with Taylor and I, especially with Taylor. She mimics his noises.
-Is kind of more of a mommy's girl lately, I love it.
-Loves this little easter lamb that baa's and walks. She laughs at it every time.
-Loves taking medicine, she loved her amoxicillin and tylenol.
-Can play by herself on the floor.
-Loves reading books.
-Loves sitting in her high chair while I cook dinner.
-Is sleeping through the night (mostly...) or waking a little to cry but then right back to sleep. Hallelujah! She sleeps from 7ish until 8:30. I do go in to feed her about 6 or 7 but that's more for me so I can keep sleeping when she goes back to sleep. It's amazing.
-Is napping a lot better too, taking two naps a day.
-Cut her first tooth, and a few days later cut her second tooth! Happened in the same week she got an ear infection and the weekend I was out of town, so that was just not a good week.
-Has the most amazing blue eyes, I can't go anywhere without someone commenting on them.
-Is wearing 6-12 clothes, but still wears 3-6 onesies sometimes and pants.
-Pushes up onto all fours and rocks back and forth. She wants to crawl.
-Does a zombie scoot. She uses her legs and her head basically and flings her arm out to pull her forward. It is so funny, but she is getting better at using her arms and is getting fast!
-Only wants to sit up or lay on her stomach in the bath tub. It's too slippery for her to sit on her own, and I get nervous of her on her stomach. She just kicks her legs, I can't wait to take her to the pool this summer!
-I finally started putting her in her stroller without her carseat. It took a few tries but she loves being able to see everything. I'm ready for it to warm up so we can go on more walks!

Loves: mom and dad, bathtime, walks, riding in the car, bottles, sleeping, reading books, food
Hates: elevators, strangers, men, being tired, not being able to crawl, not being able to get where she wants to go, when mom and dad don't feed her fast enough.

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