Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive hates it when we have to lotion her body morning and night. She also hates when we get her dressed now. 2:: She cut her second tooth! Hopefully the poor girl gets a break now. 3:: She has a double ear infection. Before I went to Vegas she was crying so much and pulling on her ears. She cried a lot when I was gone so when I got home I decided to take her to the doctor. Poor baby! 4:: She scoots in the funniest, most unconventional way. It makes me laugh. She like does a stink bug. 5:: She loves tags, empty boxes, and empty water bottles. Any stuffed animal or shirt she will find the tag and play with it. 6:: She plays peek a boo by putting her head on the floor then looking up at me. It makes me laugh. I love her so much!

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