Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: She is finally starting to feel better! She's her happy self again! Thank goodness. 2:: My mom gave her this little lamb that baa's and walks and Olive loves it. She laughs at it every time I turn it on. It's so funny and cute. 3:: She has stranger danger. She will start crying when someone talks to her or if a man, even one in our family, talks to or holds her. I don't know quite how to make that stop. Taylor is happy with it and wants that aversion to men to continue until she is 30. ; ) 4:: She only wants to be on her belly in the tub. Which means she wants to eat the water, but she does practice swimming too. Can't wait to take her to the pool this summer! 5:: She is being breast fed and bottle fed, and eating normal food. I lost some of my milk while in Vegas so I've been working to get it back. She is transitioning back and forth between them really great. 

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