Friday, April 22, 2016

Nine Months Old

At nine months Olive:
-Is EVERYWHERE. She is constantly moving around. She can crawl, but mostly chooses to scoot around.
-Is starting to pull up on things.
-Sleeps well at night, usually 12-13 hours with one feeding somewhere in there. Usually early morning.
-Is a little vacuum and finds every last thing on our floors and it goes directly into her mouth.
-Has a little personality and sense of humor and it is the best.
-Said 'da da'
-Can do so big, wave, shake her head no, do a sniffing scrunch face, peek a boo, talk back to you.
-Doesn't do many of her tricks anymore because you want her to.
-Loves all food, especially what mom and dad are eating.
-Drinks out of a cup like a champ, loves straws too if I pour it into her mouth. She can't suck a straw yet.
-Loves dad and mom the best, but is good with strangers and other people again. I think the stranger danger is mostly gone.
-Has two little teeth, with more on the way I think.
-Got an adhesion down there so I have to apply an estrogen hormone to help it.
-Is still bald as can be, but has these wispy hairs on top that are somehow so hard to manage.
-Loves the bath time and the pool.
-Could spend all day every day outside.
-Is good at occupying herself and loves her pink elephant electronic toy.
-Always goes for the remote, cords, plugs, and cellphones. Along with everything else she shouldn't play with.
-Isn't too interested in walking when I'm holding her hands. She would fall before she moved her feet.
-Does this weird whiny thing when she sees another kid because she is excited to see them and it's like she wants them to pick her up.
-She's like my little puppy and follows me all around the house.
-Has so many toys but they don't keep her attention for long anymore. She wants to move into other rooms.
-Weighs 20 lbs 4 oz (81%), 29 in tall (92%), 18 in head (91%). She's growing into her head! : )

Loves: food, mom and dad, being outside, running errands and sitting in the cart, other kids, playing peek a boo, standing up on things.
Hates: Ivy singing, being tired, not being able to get what she wants, the sun shining in her face in the car or stroller.

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