Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: We went to St. George this week and Olive did amazing in the car! She didn't take an afternoon nap so I was worried she would be bad, but she only started fussing when we got to Cedar City because she was tired. 2:: She loves to swim so much. And she splashes her hands on the water. 3:: She is totally happy playing outside on a blanket, but she is constantly trying to crawl to the grass. 4:: Whenever she sees a kid or baby she makes this weird crying noise because she wants them. Almost like she wants them to pick her up. It kind of scares the bigger kid. We need to work on that. 5:: She started saying da da this week. She has never said it to Taylor in person, but she first said it while we were facetiming him in St. George. She says it all the time for me, just not for him.

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