Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weekly Update

1:: Olive plays peek a boo by putting her head down on the floor, then popping up when I say peek a boo. It is so adorable. 2:: Her favorite toys are things that aren't toys. Plugs, cords, door stops, keys, phones, remotes, etc. I have to be on my toes when she gets some of those things. 3:: If there's a crumb, string, lint, rock, leaf, etc on the floor, she will find it and eat it. I have pulled out feathers, gum wrappers, leaf stems, and cereal out of her mouth this week. 4:: She gets so mad when I pull things out of her mouth. How rude of me to not let her eat garbage. 5:: She still isn't crawling but I keep thinking it'll happen anyday... She has started crawling backwards though. 

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