Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ten Months Old

At 10 months Olive:
-Is everywhere, and is so fast!
-Crawls like a champ, doesn't really scoot every anymore.
-Is bald as can be. Although she has a few wisps of hair on top that are actually pretty long.
-Is pulling up onto everything.
-Loves brushing her teeth.
-Tries to copy the sounds I make, just not my words.
-Has said mama and dada, but won't say it when we ask her to anymore.
-Loves being outside, I can't wait to take her swimming this month.
-Loves reading books and can flip pages herself. She points at the pages with her two fingers.
-Is sleeping so great, hopefully we are done with the bad sleeping from now on!
-Takes two naps every day.
-Is good in the car still.
-Can play by herself and keep herself happy.
-Is still a good eater, but is more interested in what we are eating so I just give her pieces of our dinners.
-If it's on the floor she will eat it.
-Is starting to like her stuffed animal elephant.
-Will let me know she is tired by digging her head into her softie or stuffed animals.
-Has been falling asleep on her own the past week after drinking her bottle.
-Is being weaned and is doing really well. It's been a better transition than I thought.
-Loves kids of any age as long as they pay attention to her.
-Loves her dad most but is a mama's girl too.
-Likes to clap by hitting a table or something in front of her.
-Plays peek a boo by covering her face with a blanket and moving it down.
-Won't say many real words but talks all the time.
-Still only has two teeth but I swear she is getting her tops.
-Loves to be in the bath.
-Eats her shoes when they're on her feet.
-When you tell her to come to you she will crawl right at you and at the last minute dart right past you.
-Most of the time she ends up turned all the way around in her crib. Crazy sleeper.
-Still wears size 4 diapers, and I think she hit a growth spurt this month.
-Is really good at playing by herself and occupying herself with her toys. And everything that is not a toy that she can find.

Loves: Eating, standing, books, singing, dancing, playing outside, getting chased by dad.

Doesn't like: getting her eyes wiped, being tired.

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